‘Shadowhunters’ Review: How Long Can Jace Fight Lilith’s Control?

Malec has been ruling every episode of Shadowhunters this season but Clace had it’s time this week. Jace and Clary were the strong couple but Magnus and Alec still had their moment too. We even got great parabatai scenes too.

Last week we found out Jace (Dominic Sherwood) was the owl but that’s just the beginning. We now know why Lilith chose Jace. Because he killed Jonathan, her son. Now she wants to have him kill Clary (Kat McNamara) and then him after he’s done resurrecting her son, of course. We knew about the dreams but it’s becoming more clear that there’s something wrong. Everyone is noticing it. Alec (Matthew Daddario) tried to talk to him. Jace’s mother had a history of mental illness before she killed herself, so he thought that was what was going on. That made Jace get very defensive. It’s recking Alec trying to figuring out how to help his parabatai. It broke my heart first seeing Alec trying to reach Jace and then him almost in tears with Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.). Magnus, ever the great boyfriend, is there as always, giving us the Malec scene we needed this week. 

The moment that Clace became the couple of the week was when Jace told Lilith that he loves Clary more. That’s the only reason her control over him hasn’t led to him killing Clary yet. As much as I love that moment, how long can he hold on? We all know there was a point where Klaus was able to overcome Stefan. Lilith isn’t getting the job done with Jace, so she shows up at Magnus’s home. That is no way to end an episode. What does she want with Magnus?!

Another couple that also gave us the feels this week, Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) and Raphael (David Castro). He was trying so desperately to become a daywalker that he experimented with a new vampire and that vampire almost killed him. Clary and Izzy got there just in time to save him but when asked about the vamp, he lied. Izzy saw straight through that. Just when Izzy was talking about how much they fit together with Clary, he goes and does something she can’t forgive. She still cares deeply for him or banishing him wouldn’t be so hard. She really didn’t have much a choice, banish him or tell his crimes to the Clave. He got off easy. I’m sure this isn’t the end of them. Izzy was hurt too badly for this to be the last we see of them.

Lilith turning up on Magnus’s door wasn’t the only cliffhanger of the episode. What is the Praetor and what does it/he/she want with Simon (Alberto Rosende)? I thought that this cool Australian guy running into him and having an apartment was a sign. I thought this is great, just when he needs an apartment. I was clearly wrong. It was planned and Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) is somehow involved. Is this to help Simon? Is this out of Luke’s control? I’m very worried about Simon right now. I had a feeling that this guy was something supernatural since he healed so quickly but I was hoping that was a coincidence. When is it ever a coincidence, though?


Mandy Carr

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