‘Gotham’ Review: Jerome was Two Steps Ahead

When Jerome takes over the city, you know it’s always going to be a good time. He has been pretty smart from the beginning but he’s clearly learned a lot since the last time he tried to take over Gotham. This time he had help from other villains and he prepared for everything.


When we first got introduced to Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), we thought he was the Joker. Then we found out he wasn’t and then he came back. So what is the truth? The truth is he symbolizes something bigger than himself and what he starts leads to the Joker. He was seriously scary in this episode. First, when he asked for Bruce (David Mazouz), and then when he seemed to be multiple steps ahead of Jim (Ben McKenzie). He even scared Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor), granted Penguin isn’t his normal self lately but not much scares him. After everything that happened, I couldn’t believe he just died and willingly. He had once again planned for everything. He created a special gas turn his brother into the next him. What is scarier, a man that is naturally insane or a man that is drugged into insanity? I guess that is something we will find out.

While I liked the Oswald and Jim scenes, because you know I love this bromance, I don’t like Oswald right now. I want him back to his normal self. I’m hoping that saving the city will help him get back to the Penguin we know and love. As Jim said, he can’t rule a city that lunatics are overrunning.


This season Bruce has been going through a lot, and this week it was his birthday. Not 100 percent sure how old he is. Did he just turn 16? That would explain the new cars. Especially, the first Batmobile. This car may be cooler than the Batmobile because it’s more realistic. The perks of being a millionaire. Alfred (Sean Pertwee) was trying to celebrate his birthday. He even just let Selina (Camren Bicondova) stay when she stopped by. I mean, Bruce can’t celebrate his birthday without Selina. It was short lived. Then Jim came by and informed him that a lot of people were going to die at the hands of Jerome, unless he came with him. Bruce was never going to let people die, especially when he feels responsible for Jerome. Jim and Fox (Chris Chalk) had a plan, though. That plan didn’t go well because Jerome was two steps ahead. Jim being Jim, won in the end but it was nervewracking watching it play out. 

While all this was going on, Barbara (Erin Richards) was enjoying being the Queen of the League of Assasins. She no longer does any of her dirty work for herself, which is really a shame. I like watching the ladies take care of their own problems. Barbara and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) haven’t been the besties they once were this season but at least they were civil. Tabby isn’t so sure about this path Barbara is taking and I’m not either. Barbara didn’t like this so she kicked her out and now, she’s been kidnapped. Now I’m wondering if Ra’s al Ghul is really alive. He still has followers and they have taken Tabby. There’s a lot more to this storyline to come and I hope Barbara didn’t put Tabby in serious danger.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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