‘The Royals’ Review: A Somewhat Tame Dinner for the Queen’s Birthday

From the moment we met Robert, we hated him, and it didn’t help when we found out his father wanted to abolish the monarchy because of him. He hasn’t given us many reasons to like him and now the only reason I see to hate is him is because he doesn’t approve of Jaspeanor.

I’m not saying I have done a complete 180 on Robert (Max Brown), but I’m getting very confused about what he stands for. He’s letting Liam (William Moseley) see Kathryn (Christina Wolfe), and he’s acting more like a good guy. But is he a good guy? He still had something to do with the blackout. He’s either as nice of a guy as he seems, or he’s starting to charm me as well. I’m still skeptical of him being a good guy, but I am enjoying his character more. I hated him so much, and while I still don’t trust him, I can at least enjoy scenes with him. I especially enjoyed the scene with him and Jasper’s (Tom Austen) father. He handled that situation so well. There was Jasper’s dad just sitting in his chair, and he calmly talked to him.

Jasper’s dad may also not be who we thought he was. He’s still a con man, but he may truly love his son. He’s a moron because no one can really think shooting your son can help him. Eleanor (Alexandra Park) was already coming back to be with him, so shooting him was overkill, and could have killed him, or was it? His father did have a great idea of making Jasper a knight. Then Len is no longer dating a commoner. If Jasper hadn’t have saved the King, a Knghship would never have made sense. His father may actually be a smart guy.

Some of the best episodes of The Royals are when the family gets into fights, but this wasn’t your typical family fight. It might be typical for everyone else, but it was tame compared to most of their fights. Liam stood up and said he wanted to be a better person. Robert announced his engagement with Willow (Genevieve Gaunt). There was also a reality star present (Prince Hensel) and Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) had some fun with Len’s friend, Sebastian (Toby Sandeman). Liam also brought Kathryn. The night was almost a disappointment, for me. The beginning of the episode started with Helena throwing wine across the table, and the evening began with Len thinking Robert invited Sebastian to sabotage her and Jasper. It had all the makings of a crazy night, and it just wasn’t.

The best scenes of this episode were with Cyrus (Jake Maskall). Another character I used to hate. Robert banished Cyrus from the country, so he had to seek asylum. He hasn’t actually left the country yet, he’s stuck in the Venesuala embassy. First of all, why Venezuela? Maybe it’s just so we can have a laugh. He doesn’t know how to live anywhere that doesn’t have service. He can’t even heat up a microwave dinner. I’m glad he hasn’t left the country, though, we need him for good laughs.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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