‘Shadowhunters’ Review: What are the Fates of Clary and Alec?

The writers took us on a roller coaster of a ride on Shadowhunters in the spring finale.  Our favorite characters are hanging in the balance and those were just the final blows of the episode.

We started with Clary (Katherine McNamara) getting ready to be executed and we ended with her possibly being dead. Let’s think logically for a minute. Clary can’t be dead. There would be no show without her. Now, let’s briefly talk about her journey through this episode. She bargained for her life and brought her father back, then killed him again. Then Jace (Dominic Sherwood) kidnapped her for Lilith, Lilith tied her life to her brother’s. Then Simon (Alberto Rosende) came in to save the day and when he did, she may have been killed in the crossfire. That’s a lot for one character to go through in one episode. My emotions were all over the board just for her character. Clary, on the other hand, was strong throughout the episode. 

Simon had the most heartbreaking storyline. He finally found out what his mark is. The vampire Simon turned kidnapped his family and forced him to feed on his sister. Simon tried to resist but he hadn’t eaten in a long time. At first, I thought this is the worst thing that could happen. He’ll never forgive himself but his sister forgave him and hated that she wasn’t there for him. This was one of the best sibling scenes I’ve ever seen. Then he had to take his mother’s memory away and tell her that he was dead. He may get to keep his sister but his mother, he had to let go. After all that, he had to go and save Clary. He tried. He defeated Lilith but by defeating her, he may have killed Clary.

Clary isn’t the only life that is in the balance. The Owl gave Alec (Matthew Daddario) a pretty bad beating, with an arrow through his chest. He was ready to kill Jace to fulfill his wish but I think he thought killing Jace was the worst thing that could happen. He told Jace before he was Jace again, that he forgives him, that it wasn’t him. The irony is that the only person that could have saved him would have been Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) but he gave up his power to save Jace. He saved his love’s parabatai but he couldn’t save his love. Once again though, can we have a show without Alec? Not that I don’t enjoy the roller coast the writers put us on, but he has to be alive. 

Everyone was giving up something in this episode. Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) gave up his pack and maybe even his job to save Clary. He won’t be able to handle finding out what’s happened to Clary. 

We finally saw Simon and Jace connecting and it was only for their love for Clary and their grief of losing her. There has to be a way to save everyone. We need a premiere date for the rest of the season and we need answers sooner than later.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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