‘The Bold Type’ Ladies at Vulture Festival: Bold on and off Screen

The Bold Type ladies are just as amazing off-screen as they are on screen. Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee sat down with fans at the Vulture Festival on Saturday and tried to give them as many spoilers as possible without ruining season two and without getting in trouble.

The biggest spoiler came from Katie. Pinstripe will be returning (as we already knew from the trailer) but Jane also meets a hot, Australian doctor. What could get better than that! Katie also gave us a little inside scoop on the filming and development of this new character. Apparently, the writers didn’t know whether or not they wanted to make him Australian or not. The actor, Luca James Lee, is Australian but in some takes, the writers asked him to do an American accent. Eventually, the writers stuck with the Australian accent. I don’t know why the writers ever thought of making a hot Australian guy an American. Jane deserves some fun with a cute Aussie.

Aisha also shared that Kat will be navigating her first relationship with Adena. There will be a lot of ups and downs and she said we will be very happy. Just like her character, Aisha isn’t really the relationship type, so she doesn’t have much experience being in relationships and said it’s a great story to show someone tiring to figure it out for the first time.

We may not have gotten any spoilers from Meghann but we got a fun tidbit from her. Remeber the scene in the first season where Kat is removing the egg from Jane’s vagina? Remeber Sutton trying to take her mind off it with puppies? Apparently, Meghann ad-libbed that line! And all of them ad-lib their lines. They said it’s nice to not have to be word perfect to the script and it’s more like conversations than just saying lines. If you ever wanted to know why the show has such natural scenes, this clearly must be why. Not only that, Meghann noted falling for Aisha right away during their chemistry read. You see the great chemistry as the three ladies sit on stage answering questions and sharing stories from the set. Their bond is clear on and off screen.

The thing they love most about doing The Bold Type is the friendships. They love that they have no bitchy characters and the ladies are not trying to bring each other down. It’s different from other shows they said and that’s what they love. They said you don’t have to knock someone down as you’re climbing the ladder, you can climb the ladder together. The ladies then started making movements with your their hands that symbolized climbing up that ladder and they were doing it together. They are so in sync with each other and feed off of each other’s positive energy.

Aisha talked about how shows need to be showing more diversity than just that of color. It needs to be transgender and binary characters too. Meghann loved her answer so much she told her that was a great answer. It’s great to see these women supporting each other even when it’s just answering a question.

For me, Sutton is my favorite character and seeing Meghann in person just made me love her as a person too. I love Sutton because she’s always asking for what she wants in love and career. Meghann is clearly just as bold as her character and she’s very funny. She was busted for saying something in an interview after season one and her face was stunned. And when Kat wouldn’t say the word sex when she was talking about there will be a lot of something, Meghann chimed right in and just said “sex”.

Very little spoilers shared but we definitely got to know these amazing, bold women. The Bold Type returns July 12 on Freeform.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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