Vulture Festival: ‘Younger’ Is Changing the Game in Season Five

Get ready for the universe of Younger to completely change. The show screened the first episode of season five at Vulture Festival on Saturday and it was jaw-dropping. I was thinking that and then even Peter Hermann said he had to pick his jaw off the floor and carry on.

Before the cast sat down for their panel. I got to speak with Molly Bernard, Charles Michael Davis and Miriam Shor. Each gave me a little insight on what to look forward to this season. If you love Lauren, get ready to see her kicking ass this season. She’s starting her own PR firm! Last season, she lost her job and she was determined to start her own business, so no surprise that this season she’s doing exactly that. But along they way Molly said, she’s still saving people.

My favorite conversation was with Charles. Last season, Zane may have blown up Kelsey’s life but this season he’s “keeping things alive” and working with her. I had to ask him about playing Marcel on The Originals and now playing Zane because they are two vastly different characters and The Originals is almost over, so one more question about Marcel had to be asked. He definitely likes his new characters. “There’s no fake blood. I’m not screaming. Nobodies dying, yet,” Charles said. “I get to wear suits. I was always jealous of Daniel Gillies who played Elijah, cause he got to wear all the suits, so now I get to wear some pretty nice suits.”

I also had to find out what Diana was going to be up to this season. She’s going to be swept off her feet by a blast from her past. It’s nice to finally see Dina get some love interests. This is two seasons in a row now. That’s not the most exciting thing that Miriam told me. She made her directorial debut this season with episode five. Anyone else excited and curious what special touches she made in this episode? That will be something to look forward to.

During the panel, fans got to see how close this cast is. They all consider each other mentors. Hilary Duff loves how the show is like a fresh friend that rejuvenates you. All of them agreed that there’s a positivity to show when most other TV is so dark. Miriam loves the dark stuff too because she claims she has a dark soul, but she likes that their show is different.

Sometimes panels are less about spoilers and more about getting to know the people that play the characters you love. While it was a great conversation with great people, we did get some clues into what season five holds. Nico Tortorella believes that Josh has always been a mess in relationships and said he’s still a mess in season five. I guess we’re not surprised after a green card marriage.

One of the things we should be most excited for is exploring relationships with characters we haven’t seen before. Hilary was nice enough to share that tidbit.

For all you Team Charles fans, there’s definitely a development happening between these two characters that I can’t say too much about without spoiling it, but they are moving forward with their relationship with each other, whether they like it or not.

Younger returns on June 5 on TV Land. While you wait, check out my videos from the Vulture Festival:

Check out the audio for the: Charles Michael Davis Interview

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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