Let’s Talk about Varchie

We’re only two episodes in, and Varchie is already keeping us on our toes. K.J. Apa said in the press room at New York Comic-Con that things are going to be rough for Veronica and Archie. They won’t be seeing each other much, with Veronica running the speakeasy and Archie in juvie.

One of our fave ships, Varchie, is having a hard time this season. (Katie Yu/The CW)

In the season premiere, we found out that Hiram (Mark Consuelos) framed Archie not because Archie stood up to him, but for revenge on his daughter. I was stunned that he could do this to his kid. Veronica is begging her dad, and all the while, he’s enjoying her pain. Hermione (Marisol Nichols) said Hiram wouldn’t hurt a hair on Veronica’s head, but apparently, her heart is not off the table.

Veronica should get the girlfriend of the year award for everything she’s doing for Archie. She’s continually visiting. She’s buying him new shoes and even getting the Vixens to put on a pep rally for him.

We may not be getting all the Varchie moments we love this season, but who’s enjoying seeing Veronica fight for her man? I wish the two of them would be honest with each other, instead of trying to protect each other.

Let’s discuss Varchie. I have a few questions as we get further into this season.

How will Archie react when he finds out Hiram did this to him for revenge on Veronica?


Archie is a forgiving guy, and he took the deal to prevent his friends and parents from going through another trial, but does that mean he’ll just get over this?

How long can they protect each other before they become distant?


They are trying so hard to protect each other. Neither wants to tell the other how bad it really is. I think Veronica and Archie could better help each other if they were honest.

How far will Hiram go?


Anyone that can break their own daughter’s heart is as cold as they come. If they can do that to their kid, what will they do to others?

I guess we’ll have to keep reliving Fred (Luke Perry) punching Hiram over and over again until we get our justice.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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