NYCC Press Room: Matthew Davis and Danielle Rose Russell Discuss what Fans will see on Legacies

We’re heading back to Mystic Falls again, and we will finally get to see Alaric running the Salvatore Boarding School. It always seemed fitting that he would do this, especially with witch daughters. He’s always had mixed feelings about supernatural beings. For the most part, he’s hated them and everything they do, but he’s also been close friends with them. He was best friends with Damon and just think of all the horrific things he’s done. He wants the next generation to be better. Matthew Davis says it’s not about where they came from, it’s about who they will become.

I sat down with Matthew and Danielle Rose Russell in the press room at New York Comic-Con to talk about what’s next for their characters. They’re still in the same world, but things are going to be a little bit different on Legacies.

Danielle says there’s a comedy element to the show that she’s really struggled with. It’s difficult for her to break out of Hope being so serious all the time and embrace just being a teenager.

That seemed to be the theme of what everyone was saying in the press room, that this will be a more light-hearted show. And we may even get to see Hope happy for a change.

“You see Hope trying to be happy for the first time ever. That’s scarier than most things in the world are. That is kind of the whole point of Legacies, is trying to see her find happiness,” says Danielle.

She’s opening herself up to romance and friendship for the first time, and that scares her.

As you will see in the pilot, Hope has formed a bond with Alaric. I was a little surprised about this, seeing how much Alaric hated Klaus but as Matthew said, it’s not about where they came from.

Matthew says it’s funny to see him navigate his relationship with Hope and with his daughters. His daughters don’t get along with Hope. Not only is he navigating those relationships, but he’s also running a school and wears a lot of hats. He’s the teacher, principle, curriculum setter, mentor and protector.

Check out the full interview from the press room and then tune in for the premiere on Thursday, October 25 on The CW at 9/8c.

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