‘Tell Me a Story’ Review: Loving Paul Wesley and Danielle Campbell

I know Paul Wesley is supposed to be the villain in this story but I can’t help but sympathize with his character. Eddie is nothing like Stefan. Completely different. If Paul was trying to take on a role to shed anyone of seeing him just as Stefan Salvatore, he did that successfully. There is no reason I should like Eddie. No reason. Maybe if Eddie was played by someone else then I would feel differently, but I’m feeling very protective over Paul and I’m worried about him getting caught or worse, Jordan (James Wolk) killing him.

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He wasn’t the one who killed the guard and Jordan’s girlfriend, but it is his fault that he was wrapped up in it all. He should take ownership for that but that clearly isn’t the Eddie way.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had conflicted feelings over a character, last time it was a hot guy playing a bad guy too. I wonder if the writers know what they’re doing or if it has more to do with the actors themselves.

Danielle Campbell is also playing a messed up character but her character has a reason for it. Her mom died recently and she’s not coping well. Still not an excuse for everything she’s doing. Her character, Kayla, is my favorite character. She has no filter and she’s constantly surprising me. There are some things she can navigate very well, like a guy that’s into her but her new friend is into the guy. She played that very cool but when it comes to dealing with her feelings and being honest, those things she can’t do very well.

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Until she finally opened up, to her teacher of all people. They had a one night stand but clearly, she saw something in him. Something that she could open up to. Nick (Billy Magnussen) is a genuinely good guy. If he wasn’t her teacher I’m wondering if she could even fall for someone like that. He seems too clean for her to be the guy she’s into. Or maybe that is her type. We are still getting to know Kayla.

I liked that he let her open up to him but he’s walking a thin line, and of course, I want him to cross it. It’s no fun otherwise.

I do have to take a moment to comment on this storyline. It’s been done so many times before. One Tree Hill did it, Pretty Little Liars and now Tell Me a Story. It’s all the same, they meet before they know, there are various levels of fooling around, and then the guy turns out to be her teacher. Why do writers keep doing this storyline? Especially when it’s not happening that often in real life. Maybe I’m also part of the problem because I shipped Aria and Ezra on PLL when that clearly was wrong. One Tree Hill at least made the guy a bad guy. Considering how they are painting Nick, we know their relationship will escalate. But is it okay that we are telling this story again? Will Kevin Williamson have some moral revelation out of this plotline? I’m interested in seeing where he’s going with this.

I will definitely say that I’ve been more drawn to the actors I like in this show but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the other ones.

I’m liking the transformation that Jordan has done. He was such a happy and optimistic guy in the first episode and now he’s a shell of the person who he was. He’s going down a dark path and because of my feelings towards Paul, I’m definitely not going to be getting the impact out his path the way Kevin wanted. I’m curious to know how far Jordan will go.

The Hansel and Grettle story is my least favorite but I like how strong Dania Ramirez’s character, Hannah, is, and I’m always down for good strong female characters. So, I haven’t given up hope on being more drawn into this storyline.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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