‘Tell Me a Story’ Review: Another Crazy Twist

I thought Kevin Williamson couldn’t shock me more than he did in episode seven, but I was wrong, very wrong.

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Kevin did say that the stories would intertwine, but I didn’t expect how they’ve been connecting. I certainly didn’t expect the hostess at Jordan’s (James Wolk) restaurant to be part of the group trying to get the money from Gabe (Davi Santos) and Hannah (Dania Ramirez). Do Jordan and Tim (Sam Jaeger) know what’s going on right under their noses? I was just starting to really like Katrina (Becki Newton). Tim cannot go on a date with her. Things are finally starting to calm down in his life. His daughter is actually talking to him again. This is totally insane.

Photo Cr: Patrick Harbron/CBS

There isn’t a storyline that isn’t insane. I’m very worried about Kayla (Danielle Campbell) now. She had a relationship with the man that had an affair with her mom. That has to leave you scarred for life. This wasn’t Kayla’s fault at all. Nick (Billy Magnussen) entrapped her and pursued her, and now the same thing is happening as when her mom stepped back.

I was right, Nick had killed someone before. It was shocking when he killed Ethan, but he seemed so calm that it couldn’t have been his first time. Now I’m really worried about what he may do to Kayla. I know it’s not in our first instincts to tell our parents about that sort of thing but she should. I don’t think Tim will be mad at her, especially since Nick sought her out. This is all on Nick. And he is also the adult, so Tim won’t be looking to blame his daughter for this one.

A less shocking twist and more a cringing twist was Gabe getting tortured. His sister can handle that but he can’t, and that’s not saying he’s a wimp, but they grew up differently. I thought it was great that he untied himself but I knew just walking up the stairs was not a good idea. He was sure to get caught. Why not look for a way out in the basement, first? It may have not been the best of ideas but it did lead us to one of biggest twists yet, so I guess I can’t be upset with Gabe for that.

Photo Cr: Patrick Harbron/CBS

Sam (Dorian Missick) is full of surprises between being willing to kill just about anyone and being a cop. How can he sit there and say how unappreciated cops are when he goes out and kills people? You can’t complain that people hate you when you are part of the problem.

In the first few episodes we saw the darkness in everyone and saw the bad choices they made, and now it’s becoming more clear who the bad guys and good guys are. Especially since Mitch (Michael Raymond-James) and Eddie (Paul Wesley) are gone. Kayla, Jordan, Gabe and Hannah are not perfect and have made some pretty bad mistakes, but they are not the villains of this story.

This is been one crazy ride so far, how will it all end?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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