‘Tell Me a Story’ Review: Danielle Campbell Proves Once Again How Bad Ass She is

I was wondering how all three stories would come together in the end. The clues were there, and I should have known it would be at the hotel. And what an ending it was.

It was very exciting to see all three stories come together at the hotel. So much was going on and everyone one was in their own bubble, even though, they were all their together.

In some ways, Tell Me a Story ended just as to be expected, in others, not as devastating as I expected, but there were a lot of twists and turns along the way.

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I’ll start with Kayla’s (Danielle Campbell) story since that has been my favorite since the beginning. Things were pretty bad in the last episode. Colleen (Kim Cattrall) was kidnapped, and we knew Nick (Billy Magnussen) was going to use her to get to Kayla, and Kayla went willingly. The whole reason she was in this mess was that she never told her dad.

It was heartbreaking watching Kayla learn that her mom was murdered and by Nick. I’ve seen Danielle do some pretty good things on The Originals, but she brought new levels of emotions to this show. It’s pretty traumatizing to learn that your teacher, who you slept with, had an affair with your mom, and killed her. This was not an easy role for anyone to pull off. And she kept fighting all the way to the end.

There is one plot hole in this story. How did her dad know that Kayla was in that room? There are many rooms in the hotel, he couldn’t have just guessed the right one. Other than that one thing, I really enjoyed this twisted storyline. It didn’t end up where I was expecting.

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One storyline that did end up where I expected was Jordan’s (James Wolk). There was really no other way that it could end than with his death. He’s no vigilante, and he was so stricken with grief he couldn’t see straight half the time. He was in way over his head. There was no way he could have known that Sam (Dorian Missick) was a corrupt cop, but even so, how was he going to go up against three criminals?

Sam proved to be much worse than anyone could expect. He really only cared about himself. Did the rest of the force just bow to him because of fear? He had everything under his control. While Jordan’s story couldn’t have ended any other way, I was upset when Sam seemed to be getting away. Then a car runs him over and I was like, yes! It’s unclear whether he was dead or just hurt for sure, but when he was found everything else would have been clear, and that was justice enough for me for everything he put Jordan through.

Hannah (Dania Ramirez) and Gabe’s (Davi Santos) story had some of the most twists. Just when you thought they had gotten away, someone else was there to stop them again. After all the deaths on this show, I wasn’t sure how their story would end. I like that they got to walk away happily ever after, but what happened to the mom? Did they let her go? Did they kill her? Are these questions for season two?

I think Kevin Williamson did a good job of weaving these stories together with all the twists and turns, but it would be nice to fill in a couple of blanks.

Katrina (Becki Newton) was definitely an interesting character. We got to see the crazy, murderous criminal side, and the caring side. If it wasn’t for her telling Tim (Sam Jaeger) that Kayla was at the hotel, he might not have been able to save his daughter.

I had a feeling that the hotel wasn’t the end. I knew Nick was still alive. He was, and he tried one more time, but Kayla kicked his ass. That’s the perfect way to end a season.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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