Gotham: Six Best Harvey Bullock Quotes from ‘Trespassers’

Harvey Bullock always has the best lines, but he seemed to be on fire during episode two of season five, ‘Trespassers’. It was one great line after the next, in a pretty intense episode. It was also a very bad day for Harvey, between getting shot at by arrows, finding cut off fingers, and having a crazy woman trying to kill him, to just helping Jim save the day, yet again. Harvey just couldn’t catch a break.

I think because we had such a long hiatus I forget how much I love Harvey’s lines. I’m living for them right now, and here are the top six from ‘Trespassers’:

1.”This place was a cesspit before the rest of the world turned its back on us. I wonder what’s left here now.”

All I could think when Harvey said this was how Gotham has never been a safe place. It’s always been crawling with villains. It’s a wonder why they didn’t evacuate the city long before now.

2. “It’s a freakin’ arrow, Jim. It’s a freakin’ arrow. Welcome to the Badlands.”

Didn’t expect to see arrows on this show. I definitely prefer it when they’re coming from Oliver, and not from the bad guys.

3. “Well, the Halloween shop was all out of gas masks, so it was either this or sexy nurse.”

Yes, just yes.

4. “Chasing ghosts. They’re like rats in the walls. This whole place is their spiderweb.”

This abandoned building was like an episode of Supernatural where it seems like it’s haunted but it’s actually just a creepy human, and as we know, those are always scarier.


5. “Not everyone wants your help, Jim Gordon.”

I love Jim’s heart, but he can’t save everyone.

6. “Is there a bar?”

It’s not home, without the bar.


What was your favorite line from Harvey this week?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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