Let’s Talk about what ‘Riverdale’ is Doing to Varchie

We knew season three would be rough roads for Varchie, because of everything Camila Mendes and K.J. Apa said during press leading. That hasn’t made it any easier for fans. The writers have given us some great Varchie moments, though, including Veronica fighting for her man.

The writers seem to want to take a different turn when we get back from hiatus. The promo is hinting at a kiss between Reggie and Veronica. Varchie ships on social are livid, and so am I. She’s in love with Archie, and just because he’s gone right now, doesn’t mean those feelings go away.

Sometimes writers feel like they always have to pair characters up, and they don’t. I appreciated the fact that in Gilmore Girls that Rory was single all of season four. In real life that happens. And there are other exciting storylines that writers can write to.

For instance, Veronica is running her own company, and I’ve been enjoying watching her navigate that, while also going to school, and dealing with her father. Can they not continue to write about that?

Or the fact that Riverdale is now quarantined. None of these storylines need a romance in them.

The writers have been hinting towards a Veggie relationship with how much Reggie has been there for Veronica. Fine, but does it have to be this fast? Varchie only broke up a few weeks ago. No one moves on this quickly.

I’m okay with not always agreeing with what the writers do. I love surprises, and I love journeys that the writers can take us on, but I feel like it’s unnecessary, and unrealistic, to pair Reggie and Veronica up so fast. Let her heal, and then think about pairing her with someone else.

While we wait for Riverdale to return on Wednesday, January 16, let’s take comfort in the fact that we are not alone with our outrage about Veggie. Here are my five favorite Varchie tweets right now:

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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