#Arrow150 Brings Us Back to the ‘Arrow’ We Love

Arrow 150 took us through a lot of turns. We may have felt every emotion during this episode.

Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW

It took seven seasons for Arrow to experiment. For the most part, Arrow has stayed true to its format. This season flipped it a little by doing flash forwards instead of flashbacks. In this episode, the writers experimented with doing part documentary style and part normal.

I was excited when we saw Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and Thea (Willa Holland) right away, but that was pretty much the most exciting part of the documentary, other than Barry (Grant Gustin) making a little cameo.

It wasn’t unlit Emiko (Sea Shimooka) went missing that the episode started to get exciting. Oliver (Stephen Amell) finally had to be honest with everyone about who the new Green Arrow was, and who she was to him. This led to the discovery of a new villain hunting vigilantes. It took Team Arrow to bring him down.

Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW

It’s been a rough season and while I liked the Oliver being in prison storyline, I didn’t like what was happening on the outside of the prison, and especially everything that has happened since.

It was a start when Oliver was deputized because it meant we got our Green Arrow back, but we still didn’t have Team Arrow. And they’ve seriously been underutilizing Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). Could this mean the writers will be giving her a better storyline, finally?

It felt like the old Arrow when Team Arrow was together again taking down the enemy. It was short-lived because the mayor arrested almost everyone. But then something wonderful happened that we haven’t seen in a while. The team stuck together. Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) turned in her badge and Oliver said if his friends were arrested, he should be too. Luckily, the mayor realized the city was better with them.

The emotions were on a roller coaster when the writers gave us Team Arrow back, then took them away again, and then finally brought them back for good. It took them a little too long, but thankfully everything is right again. Clearly, they thought episode 150 was the right episode to give us back Team Arrow.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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