The Best Ship Moments from Shadowhunters’ ‘Original Sin’

The Shadowunters‘ Original Sin episode was just an episode of ship moments. The writers give us what we want, from sexy and sweet Malec moments to Clace finally back together to Sizzy! It was a much-needed episode after the doom and gloom of the season 3B premiere. And also for the writers making us think they killed off Clary in the season 3A finale. They can’t kill her, but for a moment, they had us panicked and heartbroken. Here are the best ship moments from this week:

6. Magnus bringing Alec breakfast in bed

Malec is the domestic couple on Shadowhunters. Magnus may not be adjusting well to being mortal, but he’s doing everything he can to be a sweet boyfriend, and it’s taking him twice as long as it used to, which makes it even more precious.

5. Sizzy – “We’re good friends.”

We’ve been waiting for Sizzy since hints of it in season one. Are the writers finally saying this is going to happen? Time will tell. I liked the way Izzy said, “we’re good friends.” Her tone said more than friends.

4. Izzy saving Simon

If we weren’t worried enough about Simon being okay, Izzy broke our hearts, pleading with Simon to wake-up. Then the Seelie Queen said he needed blood, but of course, he needed more than a few drops, so Izzy let Simon feed on her despite the consequences. It was sad and beautiful all at the same time.

3. Malec training  

I thought Clace training scenes were hot. They have nothing on Malec.

2. Malec – “Savor moments like these…” 

I think the tweet says it all.

1. Clace reunited!

How could Clace reuniting get any better? – Put them in front of the Elfie tower.

What were your favorite ship moments from this week? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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