“The Bold Type’ Review: Always an Inspiration

I was just having a conversation with my friend the other day about the relationships on The Bold Type. She asked if it wrong to compare our relationships with the ones on the show. (She was talking romantic and friendships.) Are they realistic? I think there’s a lot to aspire to on this show and this week’s episode shows that none of them are perfect, they are trying to find their way just like the rest of us.

Jane (Katie Stevens) is a perfect example of not being perfect. While she may have completely valid reasons for shutting Ryan (Dan Jeannotte) out of her egg freezing process, she wasn’t going about it the right way. Instead of telling him the truth about how she felt, she pushed him away. There’s a big difference between Ben and Ryan, Ben was focusing on the medical part of it all and Ryan just wants to be part of it and there for Jane. If she had talked to him about it before, she would have realized that.

Sutton (Meghann Fahy) had a similar issue with Richard (Sam Page). Once she told him how she was feeling and why, they came up with a solution.

I think the rest of us are much more likely to avoid these conversations for a lot longer than Jane and Sutton did, but the point is, they’re not perfect and we can certainly learn from their mistakes. They are just trying to figure it out, just like us.

None more than Kat (Aisha Dee). She’s learning about herself with this new identity. She doesn’t know what it means to be a lesbian to her. She just knows what it means to her to love someone more than she ever has and to have her heart broken. I hope this storyline touches people because I’m sure she’s not alone in feeling this way. Kat is a very passionate person, and now she’s having to find her way after she felt like she lost her way. I think a lot of people can relate to her storyline, whether you are gay or just going through a rough break-up.

The ladies of The Bold Type are always an inspiration, every episode. There’s drama on this show sure, but it’s always done in such a positive spin. It’s about finding your way, not about just good drama. Not saying that I don’t like those shows too, but this is what makes The Bold Type fresh.

I’ve always loved Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore), and I’m glad they are giving him a storyline beyond the walls of Scarlet. It was nice to see more sides of him. I’m looking forward to seeing where this storyline goes and I’ll be rooting for him to get custody.

I really didn’t like Patrick (Peter Vack) but he’s starting to grow on me. If you think about it, he’s doing exactly what Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) did for Jane at first, pushing her to be her best. He’s young too, so he’s also finding his way and he now knows not to underestimate Jacqueline now.

I do miss our inspirational speeches from Jacqueline. I hope that we will get some of those this season. That is my only complaint this season.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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