Barry Tells Team Flash His Fate in Infinite Crisis

The cast told us at San Diego Comic-Con that they would be dealing with Infinite Crisis pretty much out of the gate this season. They weren’t wrong. Barry and Iris had a visit from the Monitor in episode one, but they waited to tell the team until episode three.

At first, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) decided to only tell the team about Infinite Crisis and not that Barry is going to die. That totally backfired with Killer Frost having a meltdown. First, with her losing her temper in a fight, then with her panicking about not being able to try all of Baskin Robbins’ ice cream to find out what her favorite flavor is. She’s right though, she just started living, and now Frost is told she may die in seven weeks. No one is going to take that news easy. Barry certainly didn’t. It took him a whole episode to process, and then he didn’t want to tell his team the entire truth. How can Team Flash defeat the impending evil if they don’t have all the facts?

While I think Barry and Iris should have told them everything from the beginning, that wouldn’t lead to great television if everyone did everything they were supposed to do. I love seeing Frost navigate all of her emotions. It’s so much fun. Even though a lot of her feelings are rooted in seriousness, she brings a nice lightheartedness to the screen.

Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is also the character that brings the laughs. He’s sarcastic, and it can be in the middle of an operation gone wrong, but it’s a much-needed balance when there’s so much happening in the overall arc of the season. Barry was much more optimistic in the beginning seasons than he is in the later ones.

I love emotional scenes, but I also enjoy laughing when Cisco is on screen and now when Killer Frost appears.

I do have one complaint about how Barry and Iris told the team. I wanted to see their responses to the news. I know how Barry feels about his fate and how he feels about telling them. I wanted their reactions. I’m sure we will get more of their reactions in the coming episodes, but I wanted something in the moment.

While I’m filing my complaints, I want more Cisco! He was great in the first episode of this season. We got to see how he’s adjusting to life without powers, and he had so many great lines. He’s had great lines in this episode and the last one, but I want more of him!

Team Flash has seven weeks to change the future, on purpose. They alter the timeline all the time on accident, but now they have to create a new timeline where everyone lives, including Barry.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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