Katy Keene: A New Style to Get to Know

While Lucy Hale’s character’s style isn’t anything like Aria from Pretty Little Liars, there’s probably a lot more looks that I would want to copy on Katy Keene.

Aria and Hannah were my favorite fashionistas on PLL. Not that I didn’t love looks that Emily and Spencer had, I just had more looks I loved on Aria and Hannah.

Aria, I loved for her experimentation. Hannah, I loved her sophistication. It appears that Katy has a little more of Hannah’s style, but it’s girly and has a very New York City vibe to it, which makes sense since she is living in NYC.

I’m still dissecting Katy’s look, but there is a lot to admire, and she’s wearing a lot of high-end fashion brands. Which is a little funny because how could she possibly afford all of these brands? But let’s pretend to live in a world where this is possible.

My favorite look of her’s for episode two was the fitted polo dress by Victoria Beckham. I’m a big fan of Vitoria’s designs. It’s so sophisticated. I hope the costume designers bring more of Beckham’s pieces to the show, Katy seems to be perfect for the look.

Another very sophisticated look from this episode was the bi-color asymmetric fastening coat by Alexander McQueen. Another designer I’ve admired but could only dream of one day being able to wear one of his pieces. The jacket is being sold on Farfetch for over $2,000. And this is why I was musing at how Katy Keene could afford to buy such high-end fashions.

Luckily, not everything Katy is wearing is that high end. The pink striped mini skirt is only $77 at Saks off Fith. Hurry, there are a few sizes left in this style.

The AQUA red mixed knit cashmere sweater is at Bloomingdale’s on sale for $70. These pieces seem to be a little more reasonable for a person on a relatively low salary.

The CW did advertise the show as being a “high fashion fairytale.” Maybe Katy’s Lacy’s discount is fabulous, and that’s how she affords all these fantastic looks. That would have to be one amazing discount to own some of these incredible designers.

We’re only on episode two, but I’m enjoying getting to know Katy’s style. Her looks are going to make it a little harder to copy for more affordable prices, but I am up to the challenge.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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