Finding Solace in the World of TV

Regression to the mean is something Teen Wolf taught us, and it’s an important one now. If you are a fan of the show, you’ll know this right away. Deaton told Scott this after they had sacrificed themselves to save their parents. It means that life will not always be all bad or all good. At some point, it goes back to the middle.

Those are comforting words while we are in the middle of a pandemic with no idea when our lives go back to normal or what normal will even look like after this.

Since as long as I can remember, I have looked to TV shows when I’m having a hard time. Now, so many other people are doing the same thing. Maybe not in the same way that I have. For most people, it’s for something to do or a distraction of the craziness and uncertainty right now. For a little while, you are whisked off to TV land with your favorite characters, and you can forget about what’s going on in the world. TVs or movies is a place of comfort right now.

We are all going through a collective trauma, whether you are trying to work from home and hoping you don’t lose your job, working on the frontlines to save lives or so people can get necessities, or if you have lost your job and wondering when you will be able to get a job again. Or maybe your classes have been moved online, and you are trying to figure out how to do online learning. We each are dealing with something, including being away from loved ones.

You are not alone in your fear, anxiety, sadness, or whatever feeling you are going through right now.

For me, Teen Wolf has been a sense of comfort, especially with the term regression to the mean, which has become a mantra to me now.

I have also started re-watches of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pretty Little Liars. I’m finding that the old shows I’ve watched hundreds of times to be more comforting than new ones.

What shows have you been watching to pass the time or distract you from the craziness? Please share with me what has been helping you. Comment below or tweet me @MandyTTCarr.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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