How Do the Ladies of ‘The Bold Type’ Find Their Way Again?

It’s sad to see Sutton spiral because of a mistake and her mom falling off the wagon again. She has been so strong for so long, and Richard leaving her as rocked her to her core.

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A lot of the characters have lost their way this part of the season on The Bold Type. First, with Jane (Katie Stevens) trying to adjust to her new breasts, then with Kat (Aisha Dee) trying to figure out what she would do after Scarlet and Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) working on her marriage.

There’s been a different tone in the last six episodes of this season, and fans on social media have very mixed views about how they feel about the changes.

Mistakes are not getting resolved in one episode like they were in previous seasons. I like that the issues aren’t getting resolved that quickly. Jacqueline’s marriage is not going to be fixed after one episode, and it will take some time for Kat to find her way again and for Sutton (Meghann Fahy) to figure out what life after Richard (Sam Page) looks like.

That doesn’t mean I have to agree with what the writers are doing. The Bold Type has always been good at evoking emotion and, most of the time, its heartbreak or inspiration. This time around, it’s a little bit nuanced.

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While I’m not on board with the Kat and Eva relationship (though Kat has broken it off in a text), I think the open dialogue between the democrats and republicans is what’s needed. We are so divided as a country, and we need to find a way back together. At the same time, there are fundamental human rights that should be acknowledged regardless of the party. It’s things that shouldn’t be political but sadly are.

While the open dialogue is excellent, this relationship prohibits Kat from fighting for her causes because she’s stuck defending Eva. But by the looks of it, we may not have to endure this relationship anymore. Fans were so unhappy that the texts were changed at the end of the episode to break them up. A romantic relationship between Kat and Eva was a big miscalculation by the writers.

Jacquline is also having difficulties at the moment. She’s struggling to work on her marriage and not let it interfere with her work. It was a very human thing for her to do, to drop the story, but not something she would have done before.

One of the things I love about The Bold Type is that it’s not overly dramatic. Everything has a pretty positive tone to it. Jane working on a story that could hurt Jacquline and her family seems a little more tragic than the writers typically like to go. They will have to walk a fine line to keep the show’s identity intact and tell a very complicated storyline, though, it could be a fascinating one.

Just a few episodes ago, Sutton was flying high with her dream job and dream husband. Now, she’s fallen so far from that.

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I love that the writers were telling the story of a young woman that didn’t want kids and was standing up for what she wants. But in the aftermath, the writers got very lazy. They didn’t have to have her sleep with her high school sweetheart. One that is married, btw. Until now, The Bold Type has stayed away from those types of stories. So, why do that now?

I get that the writers wanted Sutton to break after Richard left her, but couldn’t her mom drinking again be the answer to that? The writers better have a great storyline planned for how Sutton overcomes this. She’s my favorite character on the show, and it’s because she overcomes obstacles, and she fights for what she wants. They can make her break, but they have to make her put the pieces back together too.

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As of writing, The Bold Type has not been renewed for a fifth season. Season four can’t be the end of the story for Jane, Sutton, and Kat. It feels like a fifth season could be the last. The writers may have taken the story as far as it’s going to go, and we need one more season to wrap everything up. I would be okay with that, but I would also miss these ladies very much. They are such inspirations, and I would hate to lose them, but I also don’t want the show to go past its prime.

I hope in the next season we can get back to the inspiration part of the story I’ve always loved. 

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