The CW’s ‘Killer Camp’ is a lot of Fun For Horror Movie Fans

A Jason look-a-like lurking in the woods as you stay at a camp that feels similar to Camp Crystal Lake, but in this setting, you won’t actually get killed. Sounds fun, right? For a horror movie fan, yes, this is a lot of fun.

A look-alike Jason scares the contestants in their sleep. (Tuesday’s Child Television)

I’m not a reality TV show fan. I did enjoy watching on The Real World season when they were in New Orleans. That was the only season I enjoyed. It was probably the least overdramatic season of them all.

The only other time I’ve ever watched a reality show and enjoyed it was in England with my cousins, and that could have been more about hanging with them than what we were watching.

While watching other shows on The CW, I saw a preview for a new show called Killer Camp. This show is definitely not the typical show for this network, but with the pandemic, they had to look for content elsewhere.

It’s a British reality show that originally aired on ITV in the UK. The contestants think they signed up for a show called “Summer Camp” but quickly realize they are in for a different kind of fun.

There are so many twists and turns as the campers try to figure out who the killer is. (Tuesday’s Child Television)

There’s a killer among them that’s instructing a look-a-like Jason to kill them. They don’t actually get killed. Some special effects show the audience and not them that the person got killed while the Camp Counselor, Bobby (Bobby Mair), tells them a scary story about what’s happening.

Each day they have three activities, the first, to win cash. They can earn up to $3000 (a little confused as to why this is in dollars and not pounds, but anyways). Whatever they don’t win goes to the killer.

The second activity they are broken into teams, and the winning team gets clues to who the killer is. They can choose to share their hints with the broader group or just their teammates. But beware, the killer will most likely change their clue.

The third activity every camper is for themselves as they compete to win immunity for that night. If they win, they get to choose one other person to have protection with them.

That night they sit by the fire, and the killer chooses their next victim.

You’re either thinking one of two things at this point, this sounds so silly or this sounds so fun. I’m the latter.

The campers throught they were in for a fun summer, oh how wrong they were. (Tuesday’s Child Television)

I love horror movies, and I just so happen to be watching all the Friday the 13th films from the beginning to the end to watch the ones I haven’t seen yet and see them in order. (The things we do in quarantine, right?) I just watched Part VI, Jason Lives.

While I’ve never jumped at the chance to watch a reality show before, but between the fact that this is the closest thing to a real-life horror film without the prospect of dying and I get to watch it all by enjoying English accents, I had to check it out. (If you read my review of The Capture, you know that I enjoy reminiscing about England.)

I’m having so much fun watching Killer Camp, and that’s what we need right now, fun. My enjoyment of this show could also be tied to the nostalgia I feel when remembering watching reality shows with my cousins, but either way, it’s fun.

It’s nice to view after watching each Friday the 13th film. It’s an excellent theme for the evening. I started doing that last week, and that will be my Friday viewing for the foreseeable future. At least until I finish the films and/or the show is over.

It’s also fun to try to figure out who the killer is. You have to pay close attention during the activities to see if anyone is trying to sabotage the team. It’s not always apparent because some activities play to different people’s strengths, or do they?

You only get a little bio of these people before the fun begins, so it’s hard to know what things they are good at it.

All the contestants for Killer Camp. (Tuesday’s Child Television)

There’s a good chance if there was more on TV right now that I would not be watching Killer Camp, but it’s a little bit of reprieve from the chaos and uncertainty going on in the world right now. If you’re looking for a bit of distraction, I highly recommend the show.

Killer Camp airs Thursdays on The CW at 8/9c pm.

Have you checked it out, or will you? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below. 

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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