Where do ‘The Boys’ go From Here?

I honestly didn’t know where The Boys could go after Stormfront’s monologue. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it got even crazier.

Lamplighter sacrificed himself to help Hughie and make his dad proud. (Amazon)

Where to begin with everything that happened this week: Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) sacrificed himself to help Hughie (Jack Quaid) save Annie (Erin Moriarty). Becca (Shantel VanSanten) had Ryan taken away from her by Homelander (Antony Starr) and Stormfront (Aya Cash). Butcher (Karl Urban) managed to get a hail mary having Dr. Vogelbaum (John Doman) testify, only to have a Supe blow up his head, along with many other heads.

Is this the work of the Supe that we saw in the hospital? Or is this a different Supe? She was blowing up entire bodies in there, and Agent Raynor’s (Jennifer Esposito) head got blown up when she was getting too close.

Is this also the work of Edgar? Is this how he works to keep Vought’s secrets?

Dr. Vogelbaum agrees to testify about all the illegal things Vought has done over the years. (Amazon)

I’m still in shock after seeing that scene. Homelander even looked shocked. Not that Edgar tells him much of anything. I thought Homelander was who we had to worry about, but clearly, it goes much deeper than that.

What do The Boys do now? How do they come back from this? They’ve lost two key witnesses and the world watched on as heads were exploded. I’m guessing Vought will say it’s a Supe Terrorist and give them even more momentum to inject more people with Compound V.

If this is how the penultimate episode ends, how crazy is the season finale going to be?

I thought Hughie’s rescue mission was the storyline to worry most about going awry during the episode. Especially since Hughie hasn’t fully healed yet. I did not expect Lightlamper to sacrifice himself to help Hughie. He didn’t even want to go.

This is why I love Hughie, he’s always saving the people he cares about even if the odds are stacked up against him.

Lightlamper may have gotten him in and created electricity to help Starlight escape, but Hughie got Annie and her mother out. It’s crazy to think he got in and out undetected. Sure, Maeve (Dominique McElligott) helped a little, but Hughie with no powers was quite impressive.

We got a glimpse at Butcher’s past this week. (Amazon)

Maeve’s storyline was a sad one. She told Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude) that she had done things she wasn’t proud of. Elena shouldn’t have e been so surprised. But I guess hearing what those things are is not the same as just knowing they happened. And yet, Maeve stays at Vought. Fame must be too big of a draw.

This was a pretty intense emotional episode. Not only did we see Maeve’s relationship fall apart, but we also saw Butcher confront his past. I hated his father for blaming him for Lenny’s suicide. It was clearly the father’s doing.

I’m not sure if Butcher snapped or was just back into action when he threatened Dr. Vogelbaum’s family. He was bluffing, right? It was his desperate attempt for them to get a win. They haven’t had a win since Compound V was exposed. It was all for nothing since the doctor never got to testify, and Vought’s case for more Supes and putting them in the army is getting stronger. It’s shaping up to be one scary season finale.

Becca has fiercely protected her son, but now Homelander has the control. (Amazon)

And while all this is happening. Homelander decided to introduce his girlfriend, Stormfront to his son, and tell him the truth about the world. While yes, Becca has been lying to him, they couldn’t take a chance of him becoming like Homeland. It was the best thing to do considering the situation, but will Ryan ever forgive his mom. Is he destined to turn into his father? We don’t need a Homelander 2.0.

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