Five Reasons to Watch ‘Swamp Thing’ on The CW and CW App

I watched Swamp Thing after it was canceled on the DC Universe streaming service. I couldn’t understand why a show this great with so much potential could be canceled. It wasn’t about the show. It was about DC Universe. It was the beginning of the end of the streaming service, and I’m sure an expensive show like Swamp Thing wasn’t something they wanted to continue.

Now Swamp Thing gets a second life on The CW and will be landing at HBO Max with other DC Universe originals. The 90-minute pilot received great ratings. It’s the largest hit for the network since DC’s Stargirl premiered on May 19th, also a DC Universe original. Stargirl has now be renewed for a second season on The CW.

If you didn’t watch Swamp Thing on DC Universe, now is the perfect time to watch it on The CW or CW App. Here are five reasons to tune in:

Crystal Reed

If you were a fan of Teen Wolf, you were probably a fan of Crystal Reed’s Allison Argent. She was a badass young woman who was fighting for her friends and what was right.

Crystal Reed plays a CDC doctor, Abby Arcane. (WB)

She’s doing the same thing in Swamp Thing as a doctor for the CDC. Abby Arcane has returned home to Marais, Louisiana, to investigate a deadly-swamp-borne virus. She’s trying to save her town from an epidemic while also facing her past.

Crystal has grown as an actor since Teen Wolf, and it shows in this series. She’s the lead and so much fun to watch. I loved her as Allison, but I loved the depth of Abby even more. You really feel the emotions as she’s working through her past, and there’s a lot of excitement and intensity as she’s studying the virus. Who knew research could be so intense!

It’s Dark and Creepy

If you are a fan of Arrow’s darkness from the early seasons and the darkness of Gotham, you should definitely check out Swamp Thing. It’s even darker than both those shows.

The show brings the darkness through cinematography and the storyline. Louisiana is the perfect location. It adds to the darkness that is already there, the scary swamp-borne virus. An epidemic like this may not be great timing for our own pandemic, but it’s perfect for Halloween. And while it uses science, it also brings the supernatural to the virus.

Which brings me to my next reason to watch this show.

The Science Fiction

I love the scientific elements of Swamp Thing. It reminds me a lot of Cisco and Catlin on The Flash. I can’t say how much scientific stuff is real, but I appreciate how it melds with the supernatural. Clearly, there can’t be a swamp monster, but that’s what makes the show so interesting because they are dealing with an epidemic, which we all know how real that can be, but there’s also a swamp creature that is scaring residents and has a curious bond with Abby. You’ll have to watch to find out more.

Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering in Swamp Thing (WB)

This reason may not be for everyone, but I was quite excited watching Swamp Thing last year when the Beverly Hills 90210 star appeared on my screen. I never watched any of the Sharknado films, but if you are a fan of those, I’m sure you would be interested in seeing Ian in this show.

He plays a former stuntman turned actor and gets semi-famous playing the Blue Devil in horror films. That has an interesting storyline all on its own.

I thoroughly enjoyed his part in the show.

Maybe Swamp Thing Can Live Again

While a second season is a long shot, it could get one if it’s popular enough. It’s happened before. Family Guy got revived on FOX after amazing ratings on Adult Swim and DVD sales going up.

A look at the creature Swamp Thing. (WB)

The pandemic certainly makes this tough with extra production costs to keep everyone safe. But if it’s good business, networks will revive a show.

All the stars would have to align for the actors to have availability in their schedules, too.

Last Man Standing got revived at FOX, but the original actor who played Mandy, Molly Ephraim, wasn’t available to return. Kaitlyn Dever’s career is booming, so she hasn’t been in as many episodes since the revival either.

If the WB decides to bring the show back, I hope they decide to place it on HBO Max. That’s where it belongs. And could have more flexibility with actors’ schedules, given it’s streaming.

Swamp Thing can’t live again unless you watch, and tell your friends to watch, too. You won’t be disappointed. Tune in to The CW Tuesdays at 8 pm ET and the CW App on Wednesdays.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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