‘Supernatural’: How will Sam and Dean Save the World One Last Time?

Chuck almost got the ending he wanted, pitting brother against brother.

But he once again underestimated this set of Winchesters. It was pretty scary as Jack (Alexander Calvert) was ready to blow, and Sam (Jared Padalecki) was trying to stop it.

What will be their plan B? (The CW)

Dean (Jensen Ackles) pulls out his gun and points it at Sam. I couldn’t believe he was willing to kill Sam to go through with this plan.

Then, when Sam pleaded with him that everyone would go back to “their rightful places” and that world doesn’t exist anymore, so they would all die, he still couldn’t be reasoned with. What happened to “hunting things, saving people. The family business?”

He’s a hero. I do not recognize this, Dean.

Then Sam gave a heartfelt speech about how Dean has always protected him, and he needs him to trust him now. That they always find another way.

Finally, Dean gave in. All the while, Chuck (Rob Benedict) was still pulling the strings, up until Sam was able to convince Dean to stand down.

Amara found out that Dean lied to her, and now she’s teaming up with her brother. Jeff Weddell/The CW

Everything may all be for nothing when Chuck wants to wipe them all out and start over, and Amara has agreed. Plus, Billie (Lisa Berry) is still in the wings waiting to take over. Sorry, Dean, you were being used by both Death and God.

“Unity” is incredibly emotional and intense. Sam and Dean were already at odds from the very beginning of the episode. Sam stayed behind to find another way, so Jack didn’t have to die because he’s family, and Dean said he wasn’t family. And, unfortunately, Jack walked in to hear this.

All Jack said was, “I’m ready.” It broke my heart. He’s about to sacrifice his life mostly for Dean, and he’s saying such horrible things about him. Yes, Jack killed his mother, but he didn’t have a soul because he lost it, saving Sam and Dean. And I don’t think Mary is holding a grudge now that she’s back in heaven and reunited with John. She’s at peace.

It went even deeper than that. His anger at Chuck is driving him. All he cares about is killing him.

Dean and Jack met the first man, Adam. Michael Courtney/The CW

The reason why Chuck is so angry at Sam and Dean is that they keep not following his plan. And at the end of this episode, he says he’s over them. He once again is upset that Sam and Dean didn’t follow through with his storyline. Chuck doesn’t have complete control over them. They still have their free will.

Can Sam and Dean come together to defeat God finally? And also Death? They have taken out one Death already, but can they do it again?

Three episodes left, and I’m at the edge of my seat or my bed as the case may be. The last episode is supposed to be intimate between Sam and Dean, so does that mean the epic battle will play out in the next two episodes? How will they defeat everyone? I’m not ready for the end.

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