‘Industry’: The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ of the Financial World

HBO’s Industry was compared to The Bold Type, so I had to check it out. But it’s actually more like Grey’s Anatomy. And that’s okay with me because I’m hooked after episode one.

The Bold Type is inspirational about going after your career. Grey’s Anatomy is about how brutal it is to work in a cutthroat environment, plus all the sex. Industry is more like that latter. It even has an induction very similar to the one Richard Webber gave the interns on day one. There was even a sentiment about not everyone will make it. And there was quite a bit of sex in the first episode.

The graduates are trying to make it in the financial world. (HBO)

Harper (Myha’la Herrold) is the clear newcomer to the financial world that Industry will focus on, but many others are in her class. I’m extremely intrigued by her. She has so much hustle. She doesn’t have the same background that her colleagues have. There’s a sad encounter in the bathroom with a white woman giving her two strikes, one of her coming from a not so good school and two, being black, so she believes there’s no way she can last long. Harper’s hustle may prove her very wrong, and I’m rooting for her. I’m very excited to learn more about her background and watch her grow.

This is the financial world of London. As I’m always here for a British setting show, there are many Americans and not as many British accents that I would like, but it’s okay. I like the story and the competitiveness.

We find out just how hard it is to make it in this world by the end of the episode. It’s extreme. It makes me wonder if showrunners Mickey Down and Konrad Kay actually saw that happen. It’s too insane and too late in the episode for me to spoil here. But it’s quite intense what these newbies are willing to go through to land a permanent place at this firm.

Hari (Nabhaan Rizwan) works so hard, practically not sleeping, to make a name for himself. He doesn’t shower either. He lives at the office. That is what these young people are willing to do to get ahead.

Not all are in it that deep. Some came from excellent schools and think they have it made. But it becomes clear that they will have to put in the work too.

I thought being a surgeon was a cutthroat environment (according to Grey’s), but this is ten times worse. Maybe it was because Grey’s gave us more heart, and Industry is supposed to be based in reality. So it’s going to get much scarier. Not that there aren’t things in Grey’s Anatomy that aren’t real. But we love the drama of the relationships in the show too.

Most of the bosses in the Industry are scary, but I do like Eric (Ken Leung). He’s tough, but he seems like he wants to mentor his new people, which is good because we all need a mentor.

I hate Mondays, but now I like Mondays for Industry, and I want it to be next Monday, so I can see where this story goes next.

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Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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