‘The Flight Attendant’ Works Through Her Trauma in Hallucinations

So, The Flight Attendant is going to leave us with jaw-dropping endings each episode. That’s cool. My mind will be so blown by the end, or I’ll start seeing them coming.

This really is an intense adrenaline ride. The mess Cassie’s (Kaley Cuoco) gotten herself into keeps getting deeper. And it’s so much fun.

Cassie’s hallucinations have changed from working through clues to working through her trauma. (Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max)

And, her weird hallucinations of Alex (Michiel Huisman) seem to be acting like a therapy session for her, too. She had a very screwed up childhood, and the recent events are bringing up all that trauma.

Her brother, Davey (T.R. Knight), came into town with her nieces, and of course, she showed up drunk. Then had a little chat with him that should have really woken her up, but instead, she had sex to block out the pain.

The scary thing is, she’s been an alcoholic since she was a kid. It started with beers with her dad, and then when he died, she went to the hard stuff.

It’s interesting how she’s finally seeing her life for what it is. All it took was her brother pointing it out to her. But it was too little too late.

She broke down with Annie (Zosia Mamet) after Sabrina (Stephanie Koenig) was thrown out the window by Miranda (Michelle Gomez), then she woke up, had some coffee, and went straight to the liquor. Then, on to the next thing to try to get to the bottom of this and stop Annie from being collateral damage.

Cassie and Max break into Alex’s apartment for answers. (Phil Caruso/HBO Max)

We can only hope that maybe getting Max (Deniz Akdeniz) sucked in will be her rock bottom. They had a close call in Alex’s apartment, but outside the building with computer servers, whoever was coming for them, almost ran over Cassie, but instead, Max pushed her out of the way and was hit himself, and could be dead.

The flight attendant really does like to run towards danger. She should have done what Annie said, nothing. Annie was supposed to be working on her case. Granted, Cassie has found a lot out, but there’s no proof.

And I’m quite glad she is running towards the danger, it’s making for an exciting viewing experience.

Cassie has made up a version of Alex in her head, but he’s not that at all. He’s a sleazy rich guy who also stole a lot of money.

I’m quite impressed with Kaley’s acting. She’s spinning out of control. While this is an exciting thrill ride, it’s also looking at mental health. Maybe not in a healthy way, but clearly, Cassie’s mental state isn’t good. She gets blackout drunk to the point she gets in bed with a dead man. And then she cleaned the crime scene and is digging a deeper hole for herself.

Cassie isn’t the only one running towards danger. Megan (Rosie Perez) is quite enjoying the thrill of espionage. She’s stealing files from her husband’s computer and giving them to the Koreans. It’s a little unclear how this all ties in, but sometimes it provides a little breather from the insanity of the rest of the episode.

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