‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Speaks the Harsh Realities of Covid-19

Grey’s Anatomy knows how to make me cry, but it’s truly breaking me this season. I literally cried this entire episode. And Twitter was also filled with crying fans.

Dr. Miranda Baliey’s mom contracts Covid-19 in a nursing home. (ABC)

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial share my feelings about covid. They hate everything. It’s a horrible thing we are living through every day, and I’m not sure I can live through it on Grey’s Anatomy, too. Will fans be able to stick through such a brutal season?

They are giving us the hard truth. People have to say goodbye to their loved ones, and Dr. Miranda Baliey (Chandra Wilson) was only lucky enough to be there because she’s a doctor. In reality, it’s more like her father, who couldn’t be there. It’s heartbreaking. So many people are dying alone.

I hope this season is getting people to wear a mask and follow CDC guidelines. This is a horrible situation, and it’s tearing me down being reminded, but it’s also justifying how I feel. I’m frustrated, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The other hard truth is so many of the people in the black and brown communities are dying. This year has shown us how deep systemic racism is. Why did it have to take a pandemic to show us this?

These actors are incredible. They are having amazing performances while telling such a powerful story of Covid. Of the people in assisted living facilities that have died, of the black and brown community being hit disproportionately, and of the doctors and nurses breaking when one by one their patients keep dying, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Dr. Tom Koracick is rushed to the hospital when he gets worse with Covid. (ABC)

It was a beautiful scene between Baliey and Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) talking about how they were told to set their sites lower but look at them now. These two women are incredible, and anyone who told them they couldn’t do what they wanted should be ashamed.

Baliey made you feel the pain when saying goodbye to her mother, who had Alzheimer’s and Coivd. And how hard it is to let go.

People need to take this seriously, and Grey’s Anatomy is hitting at the point hard. The show ended this week by filling the screen with the names of the people who have died because of covid.

Grey’s is breaking us so much this season because it’s not just fiction. This is really happening. This is serious, and we all need to take it seriously. And if you aren’t breaking down to this, you should be. This is our reality.

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Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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