‘Tell Me A Story’ Has a Couple More Twists Before the End

There are some serious psychopathic women in this season, and I’m here for it. Why do men always get to have all the fun? But, who is this mystery bomber?

There have been so many times Ashely (Natalie Alyn Lind) thought it was over, and even if we didn’t get a glimpse of the bomber, I still wouldn’t have been sure they had the right person.

I’m wondering why this girl wants Ashley dead. Did her mother really know Jackson’s (Matt Lauria) dad? Or was he an easy target being an alcoholic? Or does she have a past with Jackson’s dad? Is it too far of a leap to say she’s his mother? Or was Jackson’s dad the bomber’s dad? And she’s jealous that she never got the life Ashley had?

Nothing is ever as it seems, though. For example, in the Cinderella story, it seemed like Veronica (Garcelle Beauvais) was behind everything, then Ron (Caleb Castille). Now we find out that Ron and Veronica did change the will, but it’s Derek (Christopher Meyer) behind the mysterious deaths. Derek seemed like he was the sweet brother, and Ron was the one capable of murder. I had a feeling they were going to switch it on us, but I liked the relationship Derek and Simone (Ashley Madekwe) have, so I didn’t want it to be him.

I think they left the finger-pointing at Ron for a little too long because I suspected it was too easy. At least Derek doesn’t seem to be pinning it all on Simone yet. Now I don’t know what to believe that came out of Derek’s mouth.

Maddie finally knows the truth about who Tucker really is. (Connie Chornuk/CBS)

We are not the only ones learning things. Maddie (Odette Annable) is also learning the hard truth about who her fiancé is. And it’s one hell of a therapy session. Tucker (Paul Wesley) needs some serious help. It was beautiful to hear him speak about wanting to see the world through Maddie’s eyes and that he wanted it to be enough. But this is definitely a deal-breaker.

He went through a traumatic experience as a kid, he’s allowed to be screwed up by it, but he should have tried to work on himself instead of kidnapping women.

And Olivia (Danielle Campbell) is a serious psychopath. She shot the cop without even blinking! How many people has she killed? She told us about her ex-boyfriend. Do we get to find out how many and who?

Ashley and Beau may be celebrating a little too soon. (Connie Chornuk/CBS)

The Beauty and the Beast story is still holding our hearts with another beautiful scene between Beau (Eka Darville) and Ashley. But I hate that he didn’t tell her that he was run over by a car. And that he went to work the next day. He was in no shape to be guarding her. He looks like he needs to stay in bed the entire day, if not go to the hospital. Our beautiful love story does have some flaws. Once this is really done, they can work on it.

They are celebrating way too early, though. Now Ashely has no reason to cancel her show, and the mysterious bomber will get another chance. Considering how much expository dialogue we are getting, I’m sure we will find out her motive.

Which fairytale are you most worried about leading into the finale. Tweet me @MandyttCarr or comment below.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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