The Best Performances of 2020

A mastectomy, alcoholism, childhood trauma, Covid, and social injustice were some of the topics that brought out the best performances this year. These actors took on hard subjects and really made us feel their pain. There was also a show that is very close to my heart that actors gave some of their best performances to say goodbye to the show that I love. These are the performances that stuck with me this year.

Katie Stevens

I definitely had mixed feelings about the second half of season four of The Bold Type. The second half started really well, with Katie Stevens giving a stellar performance. Her character Jane Sloane decided to get a mastectomy to lower the risk of her getting cancer, and she was done living in fear.

First, the recovery process was brutal, but Jane also had a hard time getting used to her new breasts. The writers did a beautiful job with this storyline. You really feel the confusion and how uncomfortable Jane is. It’s a storyline that can help other people going through similar situations.

Even if you can’t relate to Jane’s story, you can find inspiration that she seeks out other women who have experienced the same thing. You can’t face whatever you are doing alone. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Kaley Cuoco

How do you follow-up being on the longest-running sit-com? You find a crazy murder mystery and add your comedic genius to it as well. There’s no way Kaley Cuoco can ever be typecast after giving an incredible performance in The Flight Attendant. Her character Cassie Bowden
was spiraling out of control in drunken escapades as she worked through childhood trauma and tried to get her name cleared for a murder she did not commit.

I always loved Kaley on the Big Bang Theory, but she has propelled herself to new heights with The Flight Attendant. (HBO MAX)

Kelly McCreary, Chandra Wilson, and Greg Germann

Everyone from Grey’s Anatomy deserves a shout out for their heartfelt performances at the beginning of season 17. These doctors are portraying stories inspired by the pandemic, and it’s the most brutal thing to watch.

Kelly McCreary is doing a beautiful job highlighting how hard hit the black and brown communities are by Covid. She’s channeling all her own pain and frustration and speaking the truth that so many people need to hear.

Maggie is such a passionate character. And that passion is coming through even more with this storyline. (ABC)

Chandra Wilson gave a heartbreaking performance as her character Dr. Miranda Bailey had to watch her mother die of Covid after putting her into a nursing home. And it was made even harder because she had Alzheimer’s. It was a stark reminder that while Bailey could be there as her mom died, so many people can’t. Chandra took us on this devastating journey as we shared Bailey’s pain.

I cried for almost the entire episode when Bailey’s mom had Covid. (ABC)

Greg Germann’s Dr. Tom Korasick has always been the fun asshole. But now he’s taking us on a journey of what having covid is really like. And how hard it is to watch people dying around you as you are afraid for your own life. It’s nice to see a different side of Tom, but it sure is pulling at the heartstrings. If his quote in the winter finale doesn’t get you to take the pandemic seriously, nothing will: “I wanted to be in a room where no one’s dying. Everyone’s dying.

It’s breaking my heart to see Tom like this, but I also enjoy seeing his vulnerable side. (ABC)

Misha Collins

Misha Collins said goodbye to Supernatural with one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series’s history. His character Castiel, confessed his love to Dean to save his life. You can tell Misha put his heart and soul into this scene. It was a tribute to Dean, and it was a nod to the Destiel fans. And that bloody handprint really just sealed it.

I’ve always loved the bromance between Dean and Cas. I don’t care what way you took the “I love you,” it was one of the most beautiful scenes of the series. (Katie Yu/The CW)

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have had great chemistry playing Dean and Sam Winchester since the beginning. They have become brothers in real life through the years, and that shined through during Dean’s death scene.

As fans, we weren’t ready to say goodbye to the characters we love, and neither Winchester was ready for that to be the end either. Dean’s monologue wrapping up everything from the “Women in White” to telling Sam to keep living, keep fighting, was so beautiful. And while Jared didn’t have much dialogue during this scene, his reactions to Dean were right on point, and we all cried right along with them.

I’ve never cried as much as I did in the series finale of Supernatural. (CW)

What were your favorite performances from 2020? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

Mandy Carr

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