‘Tell Me A Story’ Ending Left Me Disapointed

Do you feel good when you see the twist coming? Or do you prefer to be surprised? Tell Me a Story definitely loves it’s twists but it wasn’t as satisfying as I would have liked. And while most of the fairytales ended up happily ever after, it left me feeling disappointed.

Mamma Pruit fought for her daughter to get back up on stage in her own time and when the bomber finally revlead herself. (Connie Chornuk/CBS)

Our favorite couple is finally going on a date! Once again, Beau (Eka Darville) comes to Ashely’s (Natalie Alyn Lind) rescue. And it was exactly what I expected. Ashely’s father was the bomber’s father. While she had plenty of reason to want revenge on the Pruitt family, the man who hurt her was already dead.

I loved the love story of Beauty and the Beast and how Beau kept saving Ashley, but the final twist was just too predictable.

I felt that way about the Cinderella story, too. The writers suspicion Ron (Caleb Castille) for too long that you knew it couldn’t be him and that the evil brother must really be Derek (Christopher Meyer). And how are Simone (Ashley Madekwe) and Jackson (Matt Lauria) telling each other they love each other when they hardly spent any time together? I think they should be thinking about their first true date instead of confessing love.

The Sleeping Beauty story was the best because it had the twists you didn’t see coming. I had no idea that Olivia (Danielle Campbell) was going to be evil. And it was so much fun getting to watch Danielle play that role.

And they finally gave Odette Annable (Maddie) something great to work with. Maddie was fierce as she was fighting for her life, but she tried to save Tucker’s (Paul Wesley) too. And Tucker did end up saving her life in the end.

It was a lot of fun watching Danielle Campbell play the evil character in Tell Me a Story. (CBS)

It was heartbreaking, to say the least, that Maddie found out who her fiancé really was, and he’s left in a coma. Jackson may be right. That may be what’s best. But I don’t think anyone deserves to be in a nightmare indefinitely. He had problems. He just should have sought help a long time ago.

This story even gave us one last twist, Olivia is alive! I have no idea how she survived that. She looked pretty dead, but “Sweet Dreams” was a fitting message on the white roses.

I loved the start of season two, but it felt like the writers got a little lazy with their twists. They had so much potential with these fairytales because the characters were great. Beau and Ashley had great chemistry. It turns out Mama Pruitt (Carrie-Anne Moss) had so many words of wisdom. Jackson had some great moments with Rebecca, too. And of course, every Vampire Diaries and Originals fan who watched this was loving Paul and Danielle being paired together for a story.

I wish they had concealed the twists better as season two progressed. It’s still a worth while watch for the Sleeping Beauty storyline and Ashley and Beau.

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Mandy Carr

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