‘All American’: We May Finally Know What Happened in Vegas, and It’s Not Good

We are finally getting some answers about summer vacation. And they’re making me even more nervous.

Asher may not have physically cheated on Olivia, but emotional cheating is still cheating. (The CW)

Asher (Cody Christian) finally came clean about what happened over his summer vacation. He told Olivia (Samantha Logan) that he met Vanessa (Alondra Delgado) in Mexico, and they connected. I’m glad they didn’t sleep together, but an emotional relationship is still cheating.

And Liv wants to put the summer behind them. If we didn’t know Liv was hiding something, her reaction was pretty clear. It shouldn’t have taken Vanessa to tell Ashe that.

I’m not so sure it’s what we all think. It seems less and less likely that Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and Olivia hooked up. As Vanessa tells Ash that Liv is hiding something, we see her pouring vodka into her water bottle. She clearly fell off the wagon over the summer, and the likely explanation is that Spencer knows. That’s why he keeps wanting to talk to her about it. He wants to make sure she’s stopped, but she keeps avoiding him.

I’m relieved that it appears that they didn’t hook up because the last thing I want is for Layla (Greta Onieogou) to get hurt by Olivia again. But, this isn’t a good path Liv is going down. Spence needs to push the issue or tell Layla, Ashe, or her parents what happened before she gets out of control. In some way, we should have known that Oliva’s addiction would have come up again. High School isn’t exactly a great place to stay clean. I hope at some point during this season she can get help. I also hope this will explore more layers of Liv’s character.

The “what happened over summer vacation” drama isn’t completely put to rest yet, but we do have other things going on during senior year.

Spencer is putting all the pressure on him for Crenshaw to win the State Championships. (The CW)

The QB1 drama for Crenshaw is still not over, and the plot thickens. Chris (Spence Moore II) had a poor performance in his first game back since the injury. Darnell (Da’Vinchi) was right. Chris is thinking about what happened and can’t play to his full form. That made Coach Baker (Taye Diggs) put Darnell in the second half, and they almost made a complete comeback to win the game. Unfortunately, whoever their kicker was is a horrible shot. But it was truly Darnell and Spencer’s partnership on the field that helped them almost win the game.

The two of them were flying high despite the loss until they got home, and two soldiers were waiting for Darnell to tell him his mom was seriously injured. In the promo for episode four, it looks like Darnell is leaving for good. Are the writers seriously going to hype up the Darnell and Spencer partnership on the field, especially after Spence picked him over Chirs, to write him out of the show?

And, do they really need to make this extra hard on Billy? He has enough obstacles in his way to begin with.

Jordan is also feeling the pressure this season. (The CW)

Billy is also coming to terms with not being able to see his son play. He did give Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) a great pep talk before the game, and even though it didn’t come to full tuition on the field, after the game, he finally stepped up to be the team leader. Coach Montes (Alexandra Barreto) was hiding around the corner listening to his speech, smiling, like that was exactly what she wanted him to do and was so proud of him.

Having a tougher coach who will make him a leader will help Jordan become a better player. He was good under his dad’s leadership, but he definitely had it easy because, as he said, everyone’s eyes were on Spencer. Now he’s stepping up, and I, for one, am enjoying it.

Circling back around to Spence. While we still aren’t sure what happened in Vegas. Layla was pressing Spencer to tell her what was going on. And while he didn’t mention the Liv part that is clearly bothering him, he did mention his arm.

Layla is forcing Spence to open up, and she’s supporting his recovery process.  (Erik Voake/The CW)

She went home, researched, and found a sports psychologist that she wants Spencer to see, so he can maybe figure out what’s going on with his arm. I absolutely loved this. She said they would figure it out together, and she already found something to help him. I have been shipping Liv and Spence since the beginning. But right now is Layla and Spencer’s time, and I love how they are becoming a team, and Spence is finally opening up to her.

And one thing from last season may be put to rest. Spencer’s shooter confessed. We’re not sure how Mo (Erica Peeples) did it, but it’s part of her plan to clean up the neighborhood, and she said, “the neighborhood has Spencer’s back.” Phrases like that add to the pressure he’s under. There is even a sandwich named after him. But if it means he doesn’t get shot again. I’m all for it.

Coop (Bre-Z) still thinks Mo is up to something. Her gut can be right a lot, but I want it to be wrong this time. Mo is doing good things. And they might not be completely by the book, but if it means Crenshaw is safer for it, isn’t that a good thing?

Do you think the real reason Liv is avoiding Spence is that she fell off the wagon? Tweet me @MandyttCarr or comment below.

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