‘Chicago PD’: Did Burgess Make the Right Choice for the Right Reasons?

We all saw it coming. We knew Kim Burgess was going to take Makayla in. It only seemed surprising at the end of the winner premiere that she didn’t.

From the moment she saw Makayla in DCFS, we knew she would be taking Makayla by the end of the episode. (NBC)

Fastoward a few episodes, a case that really shakes her and Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) being put in the system, and we have Burgess (Marina Squerciati) driving off with the girl in the backseat and looking like she’s thinking, “what have I done?”

I agree with Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger). I think this is a reaction to an intense case where many kids went down the wrong path. And if he only knew that she had checked in on the girl she saved only to find out she ran away from home. I get the want to help and try to make sure another kid doesn’t end up like that. But as the social worker said, there are other ways.

Sometimes it can be a success. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) took Erin when she was messed up and gave her a second chance.

But Burgess should have let the dust settle on the case before she made such a big decision. She’s a cop. She works at all hours. Who will take care of Makayla when she’s at work?

I did really enjoy the moment between Kim and Adam. He was frank with her, trying to make her think about what she was doing. And it wasn’t about them. It was about making sure Burgess was doing it for the right reasons. Their chemistry has been on fire lately, and I hope they can find their way back to each other.

Is it Makayla’s trauma that brought them together or Kin’s? (Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

We also got another great moment between Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Kim. While they may not be partners anymore, they can still lean on each other. And he gave her good advice. It was about the kids. And it is an incredible thing that she’s doing, but it won’t be easy. She’s having all the right conversations but still moving really fast.

It’s an emotional and beautiful storyline from Burgess losing her baby helping a young woman and failing to help a young girl have a chance at a better life. But, will she live to regret her decision?

Pretty much every case on Chicago PD is intense. And, this one had a whole other element to it, with the criminals being teenagers. Just trying to survive. It’s horrible enough that they had to prostitute themselves to survive, but then they were brutally beating their Johns and robbing them.

They weren’t even bad kids. They all had dreams of a better life and created a family with each other. But the crimes were still gruesome, and even doing it out of desperation. It’s still a horrific path that they went down. There should be consequences for that. Even if yes, the system failed them, hurting people is never the answer. That can be up for debate. Burgess gave the kids a chance by telling Miguel (Matt Gomez Hidaka) where to say his friends were so that the police would be looking in the wrong place.

What does this mean for Kim and Adam? (NBC)

I hope she made the right choice. If they kill someone, not in self-defense, that’s on her. This is another reason why taking a beat before deciding to take Makayla in would have been the right call.

But if all the characters made the right choices all the time, it wouldn’t be entertaining to watch. And this might be a beautiful mistake for Kim to make. They say becoming a parent doesn’t always look like how you expect. And maybe this was the way she was meant to become a mom.

What does this mean for her and Adam? He says he isn’t out, but he didn’t say he was all in either. Maybe after Makayla and Kim get settled, they can explore what they are again. This now means it includes Makayla, and they’ve already proved what a great team they can be with her.

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