Varchie May Be Over, But I’ll Always Love Veronica

For four seasons, we watched the ups and downs of Varchie. We watched them fall in love and be torn apart more than once. When Riverdale jumps seven years in the future, Veronica has moved on from her high school romance.

“Graduation” gave us a bittersweet goodbye for Varchie.

Veronica says goodbye to Archie. (The CW)

Archie (K.J. Apa) was facing repeating his senior year, so he decided to enlist in the army to get his diploma without repeating the year. V (Camila Mendes) has supported Archie’s every single goal, but this time she couldn’t take it anymore. She was so heartbroken that she couldn’t even be mad at Betty (Lili Reinhart).

Riverdale is always at its best when it’s about the core four. It was a beautiful moment to see Betty driving Archie’s car to give Veronica one last chance to say goodbye. They pick up Jughead (Cole Sprouse) along the way and catch up to the bus. It was hard not to fall apart as Veronica cried as Archie looked out the back of the bus as it drove away.

Veronica may have somewhat forgiven Betty, but it wasn’t enough for her to stick around for the summer. She spent the summer with her mother in the Hamptons while waiting to start Barnard College.

And it also seemed that Jughead got over the Barchie kiss pretty quickly, but they were drifting apart from that moment.

Only Jughead came back to Pops a year later as they had promised. Barchie’s affair tore them apart. There were no fights. They just all went their separate ways to enter the next chapter of their lives.

Is there any way that Varchie can find their way back to each other? Are we even still rooting for them?

V leaves her mark on the time capsule. ( The CW)

Archie has been a mess since his father died, but that doesn’t excuse him cheating on Veronica. She has supported him through everything. She stood by his side no matter what.

Veronica has been my favorite since episode one. While I’ve loved her romance with Archie, I’ve loved her being a business owner even more. Her feuding with her father was also a fun storyline.

What will Veronica accomplish next? (The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

I’m watching Riverdale for Veronica and will continue to do so. It will take some getting used to her being married to a new character, but as long as she’s the confident woman she’s always been, I’ll be rooting for her to succeed in everything she does.

And it will be even better for her to have a partner to support her in her endeavors, too.

Here’s to following and enjoying Veronica’s next chapter!

How do you feel that Varchie is over? What do you hope to see in Veronica’s next chapter? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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