Steal Veronica’s Looks From ‘Graduation’

I’m always obsessed with Veronica’s fashion on Riverdale, and she brought her style to new heights on the “Graduation” episode. I’m particularly going crazy about the matching polka dot crop top and shorts.

Could this be an introduction to the style we’ll be seeing from V in the time jump? I hope so. I’ve always loved her sophistication. I never wore anything like that in High School. I was also living in Florida, so no reason to. I tend to dress a little more like V in the office, at least when we went to the office.

Veronica is wearing a matching polka dot crop top and shorts by We Wore What. (The CW )

The match crop top and shorts may not be the most sophisticated things she’s ever worn, but she looked amazing in it. And it had me wishing for summer and to lose the quarantine weight to even be able to pull something like that off. Maybe this is the motivation we need.

I’m always a fan of blues, plus this look is the perfect combination of cute and sexy and would be perfect for when festivals are a thing again.

If you want this look, move fast. It’s 66% off at Saks off 5th. Unforatnly, you will have to buy them separately.

If you’re dying to steal V’s look but can’t afford to buy the exact We Wore What ensemble, Shein has a similar pair for only $18!

It may be your lucky day because another of Veronica’s looks is on sale at Saks off 5th! Get Karl Lagerfeld’s green ruffle an embroidery-trim short-sleeve sweater before it sells out.

Veronica wearing a ruffle & embroidery-trim sweater by Karl Lagerfeld Paris.

I loved this sweater because of the detail on the neck and the sleeves. It’s so feminine and graceful, just like V. I also loved how she styles it. It’s a longer sweater, but she tucks it into multicolored tweed shorts by Sandro. It changes the style of the sweater. And I’m always a fan of the tweed look. It’s makes everything more fun. You can score the exact shorts on final sale, but they are still pretty pricy. If that’s out of your price range, try these plaid tweet shorts from Shein.

V rocked another tweed skirt in this episode and by one of my favorite brands, Kate Spade. It’s also on sale! Pair it with this yellow sweater from Amazon.

The great thing about the skirt is it has a few different colors that you can highlight. You can also pair the skirt with a blue or green sweater. Try this green long-sleeved sweater from Shein or a blue sleeveless from Kohls. It will give you even more options for wearing your Kate Spade skirt!

I’ll be looking to fill my Rent the Runaway bag with similar looks as soon as I have a reason to look this sophisticated again. I’m excited to see what a more mature Veronica will be wearing in the time jump.

What was your favorite look of Veronica’s in the “Graduation” episode? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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