‘All American’: What Will This Mean for Spencer and Coop?

Spencer has grown up desensitized by the violence in Crenshaw. Even when Coop was in a gang, he dove right in to save his friend, without even thinking of the consequences. That is just the friend that Spence is. Now, he’s looking inward and finding out the consequences of that.

I didn’t know where Spencer’s (Daniel Ezra) retelling of that night would go when his therapist, Dr. Spears (Eugene Byrd), told him to write about it or even as he started to narrate it, but when he landed on Coop (Bre-Z) being the person he blamed. It actually made sense.

Coop is one of the best friends, but she sometimes can be too stubborn for her own good. (Anne Marie Fox/The CW)

Since season one he has tried to protect her. She has also definitely done her best to protect Spence too. It’s been a two-way street. It may just be because Coop was involved in a gang that Spencer was the one that got hurt in the end.

I’m definitely not looking forward to the tension or fights that this revelation will have for them. I love their friendship. Coop always gives the best advice. And I don’t want to lose that part of the relationship. But maybe, it will make their relationship more healthy. Since once again, Spence would love to step in and save Coop from herself.

Coop should really catch up on school. She may not need a high school diploma to be a rock star, but it certainly won’t hurt as a backup plan. It may be time for Spencer to let Patience (Chelsea Tavares) take the lead in helping Coop. She clearly didn’t listen to Spence before. Maybe Patience will ever better luck.

Speaking of great Coop advice. She gave some to Layla (Greta Onieogou). Layla was feeling frustrated and defeated that she couldn’t get her dad to let Patience out of the record contract. She thought her dad may be right that it’s business. Then Coop reminded her that she can be different and that’s why she signed with Layla and that they are fighters.

Layla has found her stride as a producer and is going up against her dad to fight for what she believes is right. (Anne Marie Fox/The CW)

I was not expecting Layla to sue her father but I loved it. Since her dad said it was business, he can’t be mad when his daughter finds a way to outdo him.

I’m loving Layla as a producer. I love that she found her passion. She was completely lost, and now that she’s found not only what she’s good at but what she wants to do. We are getting to see the Layla we first met, but this time it’s her true self and not putting on a pretty face. I love how far she’s come and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. I also want to continue to see her dynamic with Coop. They have amazing chemistry together.

Spencer wasn’t the only one having to let go and let a loved one find their way this episode. Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) had to do the same with Simone (Geffri Maya). I’m not a fan of Billy’s father, GW (Brent Jennings), but I have to agree with him somewhat. Jordan can continue to be there for Simone but that doesn’t mean he has to neglect his own responsibilities while doing it. I love that Asher (Cody Christian) is focusing on getting back on the team, while still trying to check in with Olivia (Samantha Logan) and make sure they are good and find out what she’s hiding.

And we finally got Spence and Jordan back together! I loved that Billy (Taye Diggs) knew the person his son needed to talk to was Spencer. It turned out to help both of them. Spencer finally figured out what the sticking point with his arm was, and Jordan was able to get his priorities straight while not letting down his girlfriend. I’ve missed these two together and I hope we can see them on screen again more.

Will Darnell come back? (Anne Marie Fox/The CW)

Spencer, as usual, was being a great friend. Not only was he there for Jordan, but he also threw a surprise going away party for Darnell (Da’Vinchi) to remind him South Crenshaw will always be home.

I hope this means that Darnell will be back. We’ve got to see him and Spencer back on the field together. If Spencer can get rid of his mental block that is. The writers clearly don’t want us to stop being nervous just yet.

But they did give us a little something for Olivia and Spencer. Dr. Spears told him that it was clear he loved Olivia. It’s definitely clear, I just don’t think it’s clear to them yet. And we also finally got a not awkward scene with the two of them. Things are starting to get back to normal before everything probably blows up again.

Even Asher is getting back on the team! I’m really loving this new coach, Montes (Alexandra Barreto). She’s pushing these boys to be the best they can be. She really reminds me of Whitey from One Tree Hill. He wasn’t just teaching them to play basketball he was teaching them to be better people. To be more responsible, to be better team players. All these things will help them beyond sports, and that’s exactly what she’s doing, too.

What do you think of Spencer subconsciously blaming Coop for getting shot? How do you think it will affect their friendship? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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