Steal Veronica’s Style from the ‘Riverdale’ Time Jump – For Less

The Riverdale time jump has Veronica looking more sophisticated than ever. She dressed well beyond her age in high school, and now she’s notched it up even more.

The “she-wolf of Wall Street” has to look fierce to be taken seriously. That’s exactly how she looked in the taped peaked lapel blazer by Smythe. And you would definitely have to work on Wall Street to afford it when it costs over $550.

If you want quality but can’t afford to dish out that kind of money or credit, try this plaid boyfriend blazer from Express for $77.

The Chadwicks black watch plaid twill boyfriend blazer is also a great option for $80.

If you want something more budget-friendly, try the Allegra K notched lapel double-breasted plaid blazer jacket at Walmart for $50.

I love a good blazer, especially one with color, and better yet, a pattern. It makes it more fun. You’ll always be ready to take on the world in a good jacket. Just like Veronica (Camila Mendes) took on the trading floor.

To really steal this look, pair the blazer with a black v-neck tank and a solid color pant that matches the jacket. A few gold neckless and you’re ready to command anything.

This look isn’t as girly as we’ve typically seen V, but she made up for it in the purple double-breasted dress by Zara. Unfortunately, the dress is no longer available. There are definitely a lot of double-breasted dresses out there, but be careful not to go too skimpy if you’re trying to steal V’s new professional style. Unless you are going as a sexy Veronica, then have fun!

This Iris & Ink, Amy double-breasted checkered cady dress has great sophistication to it.

It’s not the right color but will bring the same sophistication. There is a purple Calvin Kline double-breasted dress floating around on the re-sell sites that will truly capture this look. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find in a variety of sizes.

Wall Street seems like a great place for V for her style and entrepreneurial heart. We’ll have to see if she brings this level of professional sophistication to her style while trying to save Riverdale.

What do you think of V’s new style? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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