How Will ‘The Resident’ Save Mina?

Mina can not lose her medical license, and she can not be deported! The Resident is going to make us wait over a month to find out her fate. Talk about a serious cliffhanger.

Mina talks to AJ about Cain coming after her and the potential of being deported and losing her medical license. (FOX)

We knew this was coming since Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut) started an investigation into Dr. Mina Okafor (Shaunette Renée Wilson). I knew it would be bad, but I had totally forgotten about the illegal medical center she ran in her home. Micah was definitely out of my mind too, but technically it was after she operated on him that they dated. And I only remember it being briefly.

They’ve got her on dating Dr. AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), unfortunately. I don’t know what rules Chastain has about dating your intending, but I’m sure it’s not good, and it’s especially not looking good for renewing her visa. As much as we love them, maybe Mina was right not to cross that line just yet.

While maybe they moved too quickly (not in our eyes), this is all Cain’s fault. He wants to break the rules and get away with it, plus all he cared about was making money and looking good. He’s fallen far from that pedestal he held himself on.

Cain got pushed down that pedestal a few times in “First Days, Last Days.” First, by Rose (Cara Ricketts). He told her she would probably never dance again and she should be realistic with her recovery. She came right back at him with the same thing.

At the moment, it definitely doesn’t appear he’s likely to operate again, especially with his attitude. Even if he can flip his attitude to recover, he also has to do it to fit in with Chastain.

There are moments of him acting like a human, but in almost two seconds, he’s back to being an ass. He did respond to AJ, though, and tried to stop what he started, but it’s already gone too far for him to stop it. This is where he can redeem himself if he wants to be a better person. I don’t know how he can make it right, but there is definitely an opening for him, which I would like to see him do. It’s been great seeing how far Dr. Randoph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) has come since the first season.

Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) will happily reconsider a place for him at Chastain if he changes his ways.

Welcome, Billie, to Chastain! (Guy D’Alema/FOX)

I asked for more CEO Kit, and The Resident gave it to us. First, with her conversation with Cain. I loved how candid she was with him, but also willing to see if he can change.

That led to her giving a second chance to someone more deserving, Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas). While yes, she overstepped, Cain was also letting his residents fly solo, that’s on the intending for not supervising properly and making his/her residents think they can handle it when they need more training.

I love that Billie will be staying. I immediately loved her, even if it was more of a love of the actress. But she keeps making you fall more each week. It was heartbreaking to hear she was rapped when she was 13, but it was what Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp) needed to hear to help her move forward.

Billie is truly a fighter. I can’t wait to see what she does when she is actually working at the hospital. She’s done so much from the sidelines.

We got a proper mystery case this week! Guy D’Alema/FOX

We didn’t get as much CoNic this episode, but I love the chemistry between Billie and Nic. This will definitely make for some great storylines in the hospital.

And less CoNic scenes means we actually got Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) working on a true mystery case. A woman came in after falling down the stairs. She thought had Huntington’s disease, but she has Wilson’s disease. She had diagnosed herself because her father had it. Luckily, Conrad is a master at diagnosis and figured it out like he always does.

I love these storylines because Conrad gives these people their lives back. It’s always pure joy on the patients’ faces.

The new intern, Dr. Nadine Suheimat, started her first day by learning all the patients from Jessica because nurses know the most about patients. (FOX)

We also have a new intern, Dr. Nadine Suheimat (Shazi Raja). Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) was totally right when he said something more was going on with her mixed bag performance, though his first attempt to find out what was not very good. She is Dyslexic. When she prepares, she can be on top of her game, but doing something new, she falls apart.

I love the fight in her to keep trying despite her disability. Though, I don’t think Prevash should be the only doctor on her side. They don’t have to treat her differently, but she can be a brilliant surgeon with the right help. I don’t think AJ would hold it against her.

I like that The Resident is including an intern with a disability. Maybe more people like her will see that they can be a doctor one day. You have to see it to believe it.

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