I love Lois Lane on ‘Superman & Lois’

Lois Lane’s gut is never wrong. I said I was most excited about her story, and Superman & Lois sure delivered.

Seriously loving Lois Lan. (The CW)

I thought Lois’s (Elizabeth Tulloch) story would be exciting. I knew she would be tracking down leads. I never thought it would involve someone with superhuman strength and another with heat vision. This is beyond what I was hoping for.

I’m pretty excited that Lois’s story will also involve Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). It makes sense, considering the title of the show. This is a huge story for Lois, and while she’ll be reporting it, Superman can help protect her along the way.

And it was an opponent that he had a hard time defeating. None of Superman’s fights have been easy so far, which I’m totally loving.

To Lois’s question, why does Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) have a super-powered human working for him? And my question, who was the woman covering up the guy’s mess. Lois was right. There is a lot more to the story.

Jonathan is always there for Jordan. (Dean Katie Yu/The CW)

Superman & Lois continues to do well with the family storyline, too. I liked how Clark Kent heard his kids in trouble and listened in. He didn’t want to interfere. He just wanted to make sure Jordan (Alex Garfin) was okay. To be fair, Jordan was probably not far off from using his heat vision. If their dad didn’t show up, it could have been horrible.

But it is fair that he shouldn’t listen in to them even to protect them. They have the device to call him when they need his help. Just like Lois did. And side note, wow, how great did Lois do against a super-powered man? Just more reasons to love her.

I’m really starting to fall in love with the relationship with the twins. Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) wasn’t too thrilled about Jordan joining the team, not just because of their dad but also because that was his thing. But when he saw Jordan being happy and making friends, he changed his mind, and he fought for his brother to be on the team. It’s nice that he can get through for Jordan when he can’t get his message across for himself.

But of course, Jordan joining the team has conditions, one of which is Clark becoming the assistant coach! I’m so here for this. He looks so cute in his assistant coach outfit. And I love watching him raise a boy with superpowers. He understands what his parents went through and realizing what they could have been more lenient on, like playing football.

I’m definitely worried about Jordan’s strength, but I’m sure it will be a fun journey. We just need to get Jonathan with a good storyline of his own.

Football is now something brothers can do together. (Dean Katie Yu/The CW)

I’m also enjoying Sarah’s (Inde Navarrette) storyline. Mental health is an important issue, and while we’re seeing her in recovery, it’s still a great story. She opened up to her mother about how she felt trapped in the town, in her life and felt there was no way out. Jordan and Jonathan’s arrival has made her want to seek change. She broke up with her boyfriend and quit the cheerleading team. She’s now open to exploring what she wants, and I’m excited to see her journey.

It was definitely hard for her mother to hear that she didn’t want to become her, but the interaction made me like Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Lana is a beloved character from The WB’s Smallville, and while I didn’t watch much of it, I know that. I’ve wanted to like her since episode one, but there was just something stopping me. I now know it was just her husband. I’m saddened that she’s also feeling lost, but I’m hoping her daughter’s bravery to find what she wants will also put her on the path to self-discovery. She’s too good for her husband. Her husband believes Morgan Edge is right for Smallville, and we’re three episodes in and already finding out that clearly, that isn’t true.

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