‘Superman & Lois’ Drops Luthor Twist in Spring Finale

Even if “The Best of Smallville” wasn’t intended to be a mid-season finale, it sure felt like one.

The biggest bombshell dropped was this Lex Luthor (Wolé Parks) being married to Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) on his planet. Which is insane, but who couldn’t fall in love with Lois.

As Luthor tries to get close to Lois Lane, we discover he was married to her on his planet. (Bettina Strauss/The CW)

That isn’t going to bode well when Luthor figures out this Lois is married to Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). He’s clearly not over his former wife. His computer tried to tell him that this Lois was different, and he got angry and threw it.

We knew there would be a Luthor in Superman & Lois at least at some point. Making him from a different Earth from somewhere Clark Kent isn’t a boy scout was an interesting twist to the mythology. But making this Luthor married to Lois on his planet brings it to a whole new level, especially when he doesn’t seem stable about her. This will make things get very interesting.

While Luthor was tracking Lois and Superman, Lois and Chrissy Beppo (Sofia Hasmik) had their own leads to track down.

Sharon (Jill Teed) brought her son Derek (Clayton James) into the paper after being found outside a church. Sharon was so happy to have him home. She didn’t question how she was almost killed by a superhuman or the message her son had left for her anymore.

Chrissy could not understand why Sharon would sweep everything under the rug. Episode five had Chrissy doing more of the digging. She followed Derek to find him kissing Leslie Larr (Stacey Farber) outside of a Morgan Edge-owned factory.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane, trying to enjoy the festival before Superman, chases after Derek. (Bettina Strauss/The CW)

This was after Derek had already lost control of his heat vision and set fire to the church where all the festival donations were being held.

Chrissy saw Lesley put Derek into a machine. She called Lois and filled her in on what she saw. Clark didn’t wait long to go check it out for himself.

His chase was interrupted by Luthor shooting at both of them.

Clark tried to help Derek by saying he wasn’t alone, but Derek said he was already dead before blowing up. He did mention he was resurrected before he died.

We already guessed this had something to do with the X-Kryptonite but are they seriously bringing people back to life with this stuff? There are few times when resurrection truly works, and it typically comes with consequences. They are also messing with a substance we don’t understand. It clearly didn’t work well on Derek.

Superman & Lois is upping the intensity with every episode. The more Lois dives into this Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) story, the scarier it gets, and I love it.

And as always, we got a lot of family drama. Throughout the episode, Clark was having flashbacks with his mom. What we come to realize is that was leading up to him leaving Smallville. And of course, while he has these flashbacks, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) is dealing with his girlfriend breaking up with him over the phone.

He calls Smallville his Kryptonite and wants to go back to Metropolis to live with a friend’s brother who has an apartment just out of the city.

The scary thing is, Clark is considering it since he left home at a young age too. Though, he realizes how selfish his decision was.

It was one thing to let Jonathan off the hook for drinking, saying it was his one free pass. It’s another to entertain the idea of letting him move. Of course, no one ever said Superman would get parenting right all the time.

We’ll have to see how this storyline plays out. The writers must have a plan of where this is going, and it will make sense in the end, even if it blows up in Clark’s face.

While Jonathan was dealing with a breakup, Jordan (Alex Garfin) was going on his first and maybe the last date with Sarah (Inde Navarrette). They are so cute together. I hope when they both have dealt with their personal stuff, they can try again.

Sarah is clearly dealing with a lot of family stuff. Her parents are not doing well, and with each episode, it seems like that it’s her father’s fault.

We see a lot of Kyle (Erik Valdez). There has to be a purpose for him other than backing Morgan, being an idiot and an asshole. The writers have to be building him up for something. He can’t just be a character to cause other characters problems.

While we haven’t dealt with Jordan’s powers for a few episodes, he still has his powers to learn.

And if we thought we saw the last of Jonathan’s friend Taj ‘Tag’ Harris (Wern Lee), we didn’t. He wants answers to what happened to him. He’s clearly not liking his new abilities, or he’s having difficulties controlling them.

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