‘The Resident’: Will Jake Adopt Sammie?

A tornado brought in a lot of chaos and intense surgeries to Chastain.

Leela Devi had to perform brain surgery while trapped with Devon Pravesh. (FOX)

It’s hard to decide which surgery was more intense. The one where Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood), Dr. AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) and Dr. Jake Wong (Conrad Ricamora) did the insane surgery taking out the young girl’s organs, dissecting the tumors, and then putting them back in. The one where Dr. Leela Devi (Anuja Joshi) did brain surgery while trapped in a room with Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal). Or the one where Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) and Dr. Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas) tried to save Piper’s (Allison Gabriel) life, a friend of most of the hospital staff. Each had its own intensity.

The little girl, Sammie’s (Chedi Chang) story was heartbreaking. She was adopted into an American family, but she wasn’t able to speak the language yet. Luckily, Jake also spoke Chinese. Her biologicalparents had died from covid, which is why she was up for adoption, but her adoptive parents had no idea that she had so many tumors.

AJ, Jake and Bell successfully removed the tumors, but the recovery would be long and more surgeries might be needed. So, the adoptive parents relinquished her. Will Jake adopt her? This is where it’s headed, right? This may be the girl Jake’s been waiting for.

Will Jake adopt Sammie? (Guy D’Alema/FOX)

I’m really liking Jake. It broke my heart when he lost his daughter. Then, it was heartearming to see him with this scared girl and comforting her. He has such a big heart.

He also fits nicely into the group. Jake and AJ are bonding over their losses. Neither wants pity and being sad drinking is both their preferred method of coping. I’m here for this new bromance.

AJ is definitely hurting. His text messages show it. He blew up in the OR. It wasn’t typical for him to stare that long at a patient. Maybe it was because it’s a little girl and she’s that ill. But definitely not normal behavior from the Raptor. Totally understandable that Jessica Moore (Jessica Miesel) asked him if he was okay. She handled his blow up like a pro. She is a great OR nurse. Nothing phases her.

While the guys were saving her life, Leela and Devon were trapped. The technician had a metal rod through his head. They finally got through to Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut) for help. I love how when he absolutely has to, he will teach. He told them everything they had to do.

Leela is a badass. She has dyslexia and somehow still pulled it off. Brain surgery is intense. Will Cain take her under his wing too? It looks like he’s happy to take Sutton under his wing. Now that’s she’s been open about wanting his job.

AJ tried to take his mind off Mina by performing an extremely risky surgery with Jake and Bell. (FOX)

They could be a perfect match. This is Cain’s chance to teach better, so if he’s on the table again, he doesn’t almost die. And this gives Sutton the chance to learn and not be left to her own devices. Her former teacher taught by the same method Cain did, and it didn’t work out well either.

She’s also the only one that’s been able to get him to open up. I had completely forgotten about Cain’s girlfriend dying on his table. He certainly didn’t show how much it got to him. He actually has a heart!

It makes total sense why he’s distancing himself from Rose (Cara Ricketts). He doesn’t want that heartache again. Maybe, just maybe, Cain opening up his heart could be good for him, and us. As Sutton said, living his life the way he is now has gotten him drinking alone at a bar.

Jessica was a great addition to the cast. As I said before, I love her from Gotham, but she’s fitting in well and surprisingly getting Cain to open up. It will be fun to see where her character goes.

The other surgery wasn’t quite as intense for us since we didn’t know the paramedic too well, but we felt for our characters who didn’t want to see her die.

But wow, the intense detail of the surgeries this week. We really saw and heard them use a wire cutter to amputate Piper’s leg. We also got a close-up on the brain.

I felt for the other paramedic, Wes (Elimu Nelson). He lost his partner, and apparently, the woman had two relationships, him and her dog, so he’s going to rescue her dog. That was so sweet.

Our CoNic also had another rough episode. Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) jumped in front of Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp) before an ambulance was blown into the glass, and the glass went everywhere.

Conrad got a pretty bad cut that they didn’t even show us until the end. But we got a sweet moment with our favorite ship. Conrad acknowledged she wanted to work until she went into labor, but after all they had been through, he thought it might not be the best decision. She agreed and decided it’s time for her to go on maternity leave. The CoNic baby girl is right around the corner!

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