‘The Resident’: A CoNic Team Up Before the Baby

A spa day before the baby comes seems cute, but a day of CoNic diagnosing a tricky patient is even better.

Instead of spa day before the CoNic baby comes, Nic and Conrad help save a patient’s life. (FOX)

I’ve been missing the CoNic episodes. While we’ve had a lot of other good stuff going on, how can we not miss our CoNic? It was nice to see them treating patients instead of being in turmoil, too.

No surprise, there was a patient that would only speak to Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp). She has a way with the patients. So, of course, Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) and Nic delayed her spa day to do a house call. Pete (Gareth Williams) was not well at all. He hasn’t received his covid vaccine and has been stuck in his house for a year. He also has a peacemaker. This already seemed like a recipe for disaster. Then, he was breathing heavily and collapsed. Even though he didn’t want to go to Chastain, they didn’t have a choice anymore.

First, it was his liver, but there was an underlying issue at play. And Nic was the one who discovered it! She had gone into his kitchen to get him some water, and all there was in there was rice and beans, no vegetables. He was suffering from vitamin C deficiency. He didn’t believe it and wouldn’t even admit he felt better when they hooked him up to an IV with vitamin C, but Nic and Conrad had saved his life.

Now, that’s exactly what we wanted to see before baby CoNic was born. A CoNic team up! And a happy one at that.

Dr. Leela Devi has proven to be a great addition to the cast. (D’Alema/FOX)

I’m quickly falling in love with Dr. Leela Devi (Anuja Joshi). Despite her disability, she’s so determined. She faulted in Dr. AJ Austin’s (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) OR and went directly into Dr. Randolph Bell’s (Bruce Greenwood) OR and fixed her mistake. Granted, Bell was much more patient with her.

Not only that. She told AJ straight up she wasn’t going to be Dr. Mina Okafor (Shaunette Renée Wilson) and that he can’t expect her to be up to his standards without teaching her first. Her demanding what she needed from a mentor is exactly how she will become a great surgeon.

AJ was already coming in to apologize for his actions. His mom and dad being so proud of him made him realize he had made a mistake, so he needed to rectify it. I think he gained more respect for her speaking her mind. That is what gained his respect for Mina in the first place.

No one will ever replace Mina, but I think we have a great future surgeon on our hands.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is doing an excellent job showing emotions for this story arc. (FOX)

I still think she should tell her mentor about her dyslexia. Hiding it does more harm. I’m sure there will be an entire episode on this coming shortly.

AJ did have a good excuse for snapping at her. He was under a lot of stress between his mother and missing Mina. Luckily, his mother qualified for the targeted therapy treatment, and she’s going to be okay for now.

Malcolm-Jamal is incredible. The emotion he showed in the elevator just said everything without a word. He’s been amazing throughout this entire storyline. I hate that we had to lose Mina, but the writers are certainly lending it to his arc.

Rose William (Cara Ricketts) got the hope she never thought she would get, only to be in pain again. It wasn’t the new treatment. It was the old treatment causing an infection and hurting her kidneys. Forcing her to go on dialysis.

Rose’s storyline is so powerful. Not only is it a chance for her, but it’s also a chance for so many other patients. And it looks like it’s a chance for Chastain, too. More on that in a minute.

Rose felt defeated by her disease. Cara has also been incredible, showing the pain of this disease. Then came Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut). Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) asked him to talk to her. He was able to get through to her.

It’s in these moments that I really like him. I’m sure in the next episode, he will quickly do something to make us hate him again, but this is the Cain I want to see more of.

This is the Cain we want to see more of. (FOX)

How do we balance the caring Cane with the brilliant neurosurgeon Cain? Dr. Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas) is pushing him to get back to his best again, so she can learn from the best. And it definitely seems like it’s all in his head now. He has to believe in himself again. But we also don’t want him to go back to being so arrogant.

I like Billie and Cain together. Their storyline aims to correct past mistakes, and I hope they succeed in making Billie a better surgeon and Cain a better teacher.

Back to saving Chaistin. Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) is continuing to show what a badass female CEO she is. It started rocky in “Hope in the Unseen,” but she did come up with a solution.

I like that she was worried for a minute. But she found time to help Devi while she figured it out. This is what female leaders are. They can help their employees and solve the big problems, even if they made be concerned at first. The concern makes it more relatable.

She found help with Marshall Winthrop (Glenn Morshower). He’s going to invest in Phillip Bondman’s (Chris Perfetti) company to help bring needed revenue to Chastian and help people. It’s a huge risk. I’m definitely a little nervous about this, but men make huge risks all the time as CEO’s and their risks aren’t helping anyone. This one is.

Kit is finding a balance of good business sense and good healthcare sense. I like that she has found an ally in Marshall to help her too.

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