‘Chicago PD’: Is Makayla the Way Back for Bruzek?

“Trouble Dolls” continued the Makayla and Kim Burgess storyline! And I’m here for it.

I’ve wanted an update on how Kim (Marina Squerciati) has been doing with Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams). Chicago PD delivered with a heart-pounding, tear-jerker of an episode.

It starts with Makayla putting on a show for Kim and stuffed animals. Then, Kim dropping her off at school, having her practice what she’s going to say to make friends. Every moment between them is so sweet.

Plus, the adoption is going smoothly. Just one thing, Kim has to name someone to take care of Makayla if something happens to her. We all knew it would be Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), but there was a lot to get through before we got there.

Kim Burgess was first at the scene of a murdered pregnant woman. (NBC)

After Kim dropped Makayla off at school, she picked up a case of a pregnant woman being pushed off a building and shot in the head twice. If you thought that was bad, just wait. As they track down the guy that killed her they discover a baby farm. A man had been bringing pregnant women to the US from Guatemala, had a doctor delivered the babies, and then sold the babies.

We’ve had some pretty brutal cases on Chicago PD, but I think this has to be the worst. The man even made the women pay him to bring them to the US. It’s horrific.

We not only had Bruzek team-ups in this episode, Kim teams with Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) as well. It’s always nice to see them interact. They have always had great chemistry. I wish we would see more of them together.

Kim came up with the brilliant idea to check churches when searching for a woman whose baby had been taken and sold. Kim was really on point in this episode, even if she did have one misstep.

She was shot at multiple times, and the first time, she shot the guy. Unfortunately, the second time, she froze, but she thought of Makayla and what would happen if something happened to her.

Marina Squerciati was killing again in a Kim-centric episode. (NBC)

Throughout this intense case, Kim was back and forth to the adoption agency for paperwork. Makayla was having night terrors, so she went to speak to someone about that, and Makayla fell asleep at school and woke up screaming, so she rushed off to be there.

Makayla had locked herself in a closet. Kim talked to her to get her to come out. Kim hugged her and told her she was too little to be so brave and that she was loved. It’s so heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. Kim is doing such a wonderful thing taking in Makayla and giving her a second chance, but it’s not easy with all the trauma Makayla has been through.

That’s why Kim froze during a pivotal moment of the shoot-out. Her mind flashed back, and we got to see all the events of the day with Makayla, and Kim was still wearing her hair tye. Such a small thing, but it brought on a strong emotional reaction. The details in this episode were superb.

Adam got her to snap out of it, and she came back strong. She walked around and ended up pointing a gun right at the offender’s head while he held a gun at the innocent young woman. She got him to let go of the woman and drop the gun. When she’s doing this, the look on her face is so determined, forceful, and just the badass she is.

Marina seriously kills it every time it’s a Kim-focused episode.

Kim had a quick little chat with Trudy Platt (Amy Morton). Trudy said it was the universe’s way of telling her she needs to pick a custodian. Which meant we were going to get our Bruzek scene!

It was well worth the wait. At first, Adam was taken aback given their distance, but he accepted and said he was honored. As Kim said, they are complicated, but they are also family. These moments between them are always great. I hope they can find a way back to each other.

There’s still a distance between Kim and Adam, but maybe Makayla is their way back to each other. (NBC)

The sweet Makayla and Kim scenes weren’t over just yet. Kim had bought her trouble dolls. The same dolls we had seen in the victim’s fanny pack. You put them under your pillow, and they take all your troubles away. So sweet! And they both climbed into bed together.

One of the best moments of the episode was when we saw the birth certificate, and it said Makayla Ward Burgess. It’s not the way she imagined it, but she’s getting her daughter.

What was your favorite moment of “Trouble Dolls”? Was it the sweet moments, the heartbreaking ones, or the badass ones? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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