Jesse Williams Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ after 12 Seasons

After all of Dr. Jackson Avery’s struggles with how to really make a change, he finally figured out what he’s meant to do in a powerful episode.

I hate that Jesse Williams is leaving Grey’s Anatomy after 12 seasons, but, understandably, the actor wants to move on to the next chapter in his career. And for his character, the writers are giving him the best send-off to put a close in his character’s story.

Jackson Avery finds his purpose. (ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy has done an incredible job showing every aspect of Covid, especially the part where it disproportionately affected the African American community.

Jackson has grown up privileged, despite being bi-racial. He can thank his wonderful mom, Dr. Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen), for that. She took over the Avery Foundation when Robert Avery (Eric Roberts) left. Not only did she have the money to provide for her son and make his dreams come true, but she also made changes along the way for him.

The pandemic opened up Jackson’s eyes to what’s happening to communities of color. He tried to help and found out he was only getting in the way of other people helping.

So, when his mom told him he sounded like his father, it was time to confront his father and get answers.

I loved how “Look Up Child” was constructed. We went back and forth between his father and Dr. April Kepner (Sarah Drew). It beautifully showed how Jackson finally decided what he wants with his life.

We may still have a Jackson farewell episode coming, but this episode was definitely a tribute to his character. To everything he is. To everything, he thought he was.

Japril was united, and they are possible endgame! (ABC)

He got all the answers he needed. His fear of being like his father is what drives him to run. But maybe he also didn’t have anything to run to, he was still figuring it out, and the pandemic was what he needed to help him figure it out. All he needed then was to get answers from his father to be ready to take on this next step.

Jackson has always been a brilliant surgeon. He never really had dreams beyond that. I love that he’s found his purpose in life, and I loved how proud Catherine was. We have seen many sides of Catherine, but this is a different one. Her son wants to change the world. It’s not being forced upon him, it’s truly what he wants, and he’s so excited about it.

We may also be getting the Japril endgame we always wanted. Sadly, but also luckily, April is no longer with Matthew, and she’s agreed to move to Boston. One can only assume this would lead them back together. Maybe for once, timing is on their side.

Catherine is incredibly proud of her son. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Along with the flashbacks of Japril, we got the friendship that they started with. The one where they could talk to each other about anything. It was nice seeing that side of them again.

It was nice seeing Sarah again. She was always great at being April, at being the kind person that would listen. Though, this time she was saying this wasn’t who Jackson was. Which she wasn’t completely wrong, he had rejected that part of him for so long, but now he can embrace it because he’s found his purpose.

It’s incredibly sad that Jesse is leaving, but Grey’s Anatomy’s farewell to him couldn’t be more perfect.

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