I’m Going to Miss Scarlet So Much

Watching everyone at Scarlet tip-toe around Sutton made me realize how much I will miss all these people. I already knew how much I was going to miss Jane, Kat and Sutton, but it hadn’t dawned on me yet that I would miss everyone else too.

Sutton is moving on to the next phase of her life. (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

Andrew’s (Adam Capriolo) reaction to Sutton (Meghann Fahy) changing her name back to Brady was not the reaction she was hoping for. And then when Sage (Stephanie Costa) was talking about hot married sex, he showed her Sutton’s Instagram, she moved on quickly.

It was definitely unprofessional, but as Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore) said, they are a family, and they certainly proved that in “Rolling into the Future.”

Even Oliver was using “kids gloves” around Sutton, as she put it. Not that Oliver ever openly talked about his problems with her. She just always pulled it out of him. But their relationship is a little different now. Sure, he’s still her boss, but now they are more like partners than when she was his assistant.

You just really feel the love from the people at Scarlet. If you’re going through a hard time, they will be there for you. Poor Andrew was not himself. He was so ragged. I was worried about him. 

Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) finally pushed him to talk. He’s been paying extra rent because a roommate moved out, so he had to get a second job that he goes to straight after Scarlet.

Jacqueline is now getting him a raise! I wish you could be this open to your boss in real life. You should be able to tell them what’s going on to a certain extent.

I will definitely miss Jacqueline. She always has the best advice. She’s always inspiring. She’s an incredible leader to look up to. She’s also stumbled and picked herself back up. What are we going to do without her words of wisdom?

Oliver has also thrown in some words of wisdom and has just been a lot of fun to watch. I seriously love him, and I hope Stephen goes on to do amazing things. I will be following his career.

I’m, of course, going to miss our ladies. I had my own version of the fashion closet at my last job. There’s something therapeutic about my visits to my “fashion closet” and watching them work through things together in there’s.

Jane is finding her way as a manager. (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

I will miss Sutton because she is so damn strong, even when she doesn’t need to be. She has so many people ready to catch her when she falls. I loved her speech, saying she needed them to help her make new memories. She seriously made me tear up.

I love Sutton because she’s always going after what she wants, and she doesn’t apologize for it. That yes, unfortunately, ended her relationship with Richard (Sam Page), but that shouldn’t mean she should have kids because he wants them. I’m still not over how the writers can build Suttard up so much and then end them like this.

She’s such an inspiration. She got her dream. And now she’s figuring out what’s next after Richard.

I’ve been frustrated with Jane (Katie Stevens) and her mistakes in her new role as a manager, but I realized she’s always making mistakes. There were so many times she couldn’t open herself up in an article, and Jacqueline would tell her to do better. That’s who she is. She overcomes her mistakes.

Could Kadena be endgame? (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

I will miss Jane because she is loyal and I’ve also enjoyed watching her navigate her career. Maybe we all need to be reminded that we will make mistakes, and it’s how we overcome them that matters.

The thing I will miss most about Kat (Aisha Dee) is her passion for making a difference. Sometimes it boils over, and she loses her job because of it. Like she’s doing once again in the promo for “Day Trippers.” But I love that drive she has to change things. Society needs a shift. I will miss Kat’s passion for doing that. I will also miss Kat and Adena’s (Nikohl Boosheri) scenes. Please, oh please, make them endgame. If we can’t get Suttard, can we at least get Kadena?

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Mandy Carr

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