‘All American’: Dreams Coming True for Coop & Spencer

Spencer and Coop are getting almost everything they dreamed of when they were kids. They had hopes for when they turned 18. The reality of these doesn’t look too different than what they wanted when they were little, only sadly, Shawn is no longer with them, and Coop and Spence are on the outs.

These besties should be celebrating their accomplishments together. (The CW)

I have to agree with Preach (Kareem J. Grimes). Why are they still “beefing?” He’s also right about only having about three “ride or die” friends, and you should keep them close. Maybe Spencer (Daniel Ezra) helping with Coop’s (Bre-Z) party might be the olive branch he needs to fix their friendship. By the end of this season, they will be besties again, right?

Coop has got precisely what she wanted for her 18th birthday. She’s a rapper! Well, at least she’s creating the album. She’s already been on tour, and now she’s finishing the record and getting her GED.

Who could have imagined that when she was a kid that she would get what she wanted. It’s amazing how sometimes life can work out. It’s probably not everything she pictured, though. She thought Spencer and Shawn would be by her side. Shawn, unfortunately, went down another path that got him killed.

It almost broke my heart when kid Shawn said he wanted to be alive. Of course, he was just joking, but sadly, he didn’t get his wish.

Happy 18th birthday, Coop! (The CW)

I love that they had an 18th birthday wish list. It reminds me of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory had a plan for Rory’s 21st birthday of going to Atlantic City, playing 21 when she turned 21, buying 21 things, and, of course, the 21 guys numbers, which didn’t make sense with them being with Luke and Logan.

It also reminds me of One Tree Hill. Peyton and Brooke always stole something for Brooke’s birthday, though as Peyton said, the manager was friends of the family, so it wasn’t really stealing. Brooke wasn’t in on the secret, though. On Brooke’s 18th birthday, she was looking on at Peyton and Lucas stealing an item. Though it was supposed to be him showing up for her, she was just a little late.

It’s a nice parallel for our estranged besties on All American.

Spencer was looking in on Coop as she ate her birthday cake with her girlfriend and friends on a study break. He also had the idea for the party and got Patience (Chelsea Tavares) back for it and gave Coop the items that represented their list.

It was sad watching him look in from a distance. But it’s a step.

Spencer got a full ride to Toledo State! (Erik Voake/The CW)

It looks like Spence is getting his dream, too, though not for the same university he once hoped. He’s got a full ride for Toledo State! This is everything he’s been working for. I’m so happy for him.

We’ve watched him first go to Beverly to chase his dream because he may have had a better chance there. Then, return to Crenshaw to help save his hometown school, but the lack of money for the athletics threatened his chances, and now he’s done it! He has worked so hard for it.

He hasn’t always been perfect. In this episode’s game, he was so in his head at the beginning that he almost lost the game for his team, but as Spence always does, he rises to the occasion, gives his team the pep talk they need, and helps them win the game.

The All American season isn’t over yet, and neither is the football season. Coop and Spence got their dreams. Now they just need to find their way back to each other.

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