‘Walker’: To Moving On

The first season of Walker has definitely been all about moving on from Emily’s death. In the 15th episode, Cordell Walker is ready to do just that.

The Walker family has been through a lot. First, Emily died, and Cordell (Jared Padalecki) went spiraling out of control. Then he went undercover when his family needed him the most. The case followed him back, and they ended up being held captive in their home. Liam (Keegan Allen) was shot, and Hoyt (Matt Barr) died. That’s a lot of trauma for everyone in the Walker family to go through.

Cordell helps Micki find out who scammed her biological mother. (The CW)

No one expects them just to get back to normal, but they certainly have to try to move on. Cordi is definitely not great at doing what he’s supposed to do. Walker went on sabbatical to heal and be there for his family. Instead, he can’t get his head out of the ranger game. 

Don’t get me wrong. Walker is adorable when he’s not supposed to be doing something. And we got such a fun episode out of “Four Stones in Hand.”

Micki (Lindsey Morgan) told him not to meddle, and that’s precisely what he did. He was supposed to be thinking about other things besides cases and working on a rubrics cube. Instead, he was determined to help Micki’s biological mom find out who scammed her.

While I’m sure it was primarily out of the goodness of his heart, you could see how excited he was when he got to work on a case again.

And it was too funny watching him get caught trying to hop a fence. It wasn’t funny, though, when he broke into the suspect’s home and was sitting there reading all the letters in her living room! And while she was on her way back. Talk about an intense moment, but somehow Walker made it out in time.

I love to see Micki and Cordell work together. We haven’t seen that in a few episodes. They have such great chemistry together. And they really do care for each other. Cordi had to break the rules again. He kept some of the letters that her mom wrote to her. Sometimes, breaking the rules is okay.

Both Auggie and Stella had to make adjustments going back to school after everything that happened. (The CW)

Stella (Violet Brinson) and Auggie (Kale Culley) were also having a hard time moving on. Stella didn’t want to talk about it, and Auggie was getting attention like never before. Then, he accidentally airs his and his sister’s argument to the whole school. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, Stella and Isabel (Gabriela Flores) are talking again, and perhaps Auggie can deal with what he’s feeling and not act all cool for the attention.

I was so broken-hearted when we found out about Bonham’s (Mitch Pileggi) cancer. Abeline (Molly Hagan) got him to go to the doctor’s only to refuse treatment because he didn’t want to be a burden. This episode didn’t help boost my morale at first. 

Bonham and Abeline have reconnected, and he’s going to get treatment for his cancer. (The CW)

We met Bonham and Abeline at a weird time in their relationship. It wasn’t even clear that they weren’t together at first. And when it was, it was sad. It took their son’s wife dying, being kidnapped, and Bonham having cancer, to reunite them, but they seem to be more connected than ever. And she proposed to him so they can renew their vows!

Walker does not shy away from the nitty-gritty of life. The Walker family is dealing with so much at the moment, and so is Micki. She’s making the first step to have a relationship with her biological mom. That’s huge.

I love how they all help each other even if they don’t always say or do the right thing.

Liam was once again the perfect brother and son. While he didn’t get Cordell to stay away from a case for a day, he did at least get him to reflect on his actions. He also helped his dad to decide to get treatment.

He’s constantly there for the family. But when does he get to put himself first? It’s time to see Liam shine.

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