Goodbye to Our ‘Bold Type’ Ladies

Our three favorite Bold Type ladies are all grown up and thriving in their careers. I was not ready for their journeys to end yet, but I’m pretty happy with how they all ended.

“I expect you to have adventures.” The ladies of The Bold Type had those and continue to do. (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

We started the episode thinking Jane (Katie Stevens) was taking over Scarlet. It made perfect sense. It was the magazine she’d been in love with since a kid. But it wasn’t her dream anymore. Her passion now is writing. And she’s damn good at it.

I’m heartbroken that she’s leaving Scarlet, but maybe that is the right path for her. Traveling around the world to do the things her mom didn’t get to do, seems like an excellent next chapter for her.

And to think, it was Ryan (Dan Jeannotte) who set her on this path. Reminding her about what they will do for a story and that writers are who they are.

One last appearance from Pinstripe! (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

It was nice to see him one last time and to hear he’s working on a second book! It’s poetic that he finally finished his first book because of Jane, and she turned down the editor in chief position to follow her writing in part because of him.

I hated how they ended. But I like that the writers show how significant of a relationship he was for her. We are remembering Ryan the right way.

While it seemed to make perfect sense for Jane to get the EIC role, Kat (Aisha Dee) was more suited for the role. She lived for the deks and the planning. It was a better fit for her, and Kat can move Scarlet forward in a way that Jane never could, no offense to Jane. She can write a moving story to get people talking and thinking, which is quite impressive, but Kat creates change with what she does.

The Kadena endgame we’ve been dreaming of! (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

Her committing to Scarlet also helped her commit to Adena (Nikohl Boosheri)! So, finally, we got the Kadena endgame we always wanted! I was a little worried at the beginning of this episode because Adena was stepping back, for good reasons. They were at a point when it was all in or just work partners.

I knew immediately that Kat’s speech was for Adena. It made me so happy that she was taking on this new role and committing to Adena. I loved that she said they make their own rules. I hate that there are rules in relationships. That everything is supposed to happen in a specific timeframe. That’s not life. Life is messy. And relationships don’t look the same. I’m so proud of Kat for how far she’s come. She couldn’t commit, and now she’s committed to a massive role at Scarlet and Adena. And, she’s found her passion for making change and found the right way to make that change.

Sutton (Meghann Fahy) has been where she’s wanted career-wise for a while now. But styling Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) was a significant step in her career. And I love how Jacqueline called her the best and when Sutton said no, Jacqueline said she needs to know how great she is. Sutton has always been insecure about her talent. She was afraid to even go after fashion. Three of my favorite moments were when she admits she wanted a career in fashion, and when she spends her $100 bill backup plan to go after her dream with no safety net, well no safety net of going home, she had Jane and Kat to fall back on. Then she negotiates and gets what she wants, not pay-wise but other things, and comes out saying she’s “Nora Ephram bitch.” She’s been such an inspiration since day one.

The Suttard endgame we thought we would never get. (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

Sutton is my favorite. She just followed her dreams and never looked back. I’m glad the stylist might finally realize how talented she is. Sutton got her dream, and now she has to own it.

I may not like how we got here, but I love that Suttard reunited and is not divorcing! Why did the writers have to put us through this? Put Sutton through this? Sure, she’s now dealing with past trauma she never dealt with, which is good. But wow, such a traumatic season for our Suttard hearts. Two seasons actually, since this started last season. I’m glad the journey came to the conclusion we wanted, but I hate how we got here.

There was something very fitting with it all ending in the fashion closet. That’s how the first episode ended—this time with non-alcoholic bubbly for Sutton. And Jacqueline once again looking in on them. She seemed sad to leave, and then something about looking in at them comforted her.

We also got a remarkable parallel when our ladies screamed into the street as the bus was going past, just like they screamed at the train when it was going past in the pilot.

There are some things I wasn’t so thrilled about this season, but the writers wrapped it up nicely. They gave our ladies the endings they deserved—the conclusions we deserved.

I don’t know what I will do without weekly inspiration from Jacqueline, great advice from Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore), or all the inspiration Jane, Kate and Sutton have given us along the way. The Bold Type was a remarkable show of women supporting women and chasing their dreams. Unfortunately, there is not enough TV like this out there. I hope writers get inspired by this and Younger. These are the shows that should be on our screens.

Thank you to The Bold Type for five beautiful seasons. I will rewatch you many more times to follow your adventures, falling in love, having your hearts broken to sleeping with the right and wrong people and for the leaps and splashes you made in your careers, and when you never let anyone hold you back.

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Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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