‘All American’: Major Splevia Moment, Layla Learns the Truth

We got a lot of relationship drama on the penultimate episode of season three of All American — romantic and friendship.

The Splevia moment we’ve all been waiting for! (The CW)

Let’s start with what we’re all most excited about: Splevia! We’ve waited pretty much since season one for this. They had chemistry right from the get-go, but Layla (Greta Onieogou) moved in before Olivia (Samantha Logan) could confess her feelings. There’s been a lot of heartbreak, but they are finally getting their chance! 

I’m looking forward to the blissfulness of Splevia that we have waited for.

The season finale seems all about the state championships, so who knows if we will get a Speliva moment, but they can’t end the season without giving us something to savor until next season, right?

So happy for Laura (Monet Mazur) and Billy (Taye Diggs)! (The CW)

Olivia wasn’t the only happy Baker. Mama and Papa Baker finally made up and renewed their vows! I did not see this coming, and it was a pleasant surprise after the anticlimatic annulment of Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) and Simone (Geffri Maya). We knew this was coming because she’s getting her own show, All American: Homecoming. I do quite like this relationship, so I’m happy they haven’t broken them off yet. Do we think the writers will keep them as long-distance and use that as a possible crossover? I guess we’ll find out in season four. That’s going to be them finishing their senior year.

I love that Simone cares for Jordan so much that she couldn’t let him let go of his dream of going to school in Califonia with his friends and family. But I don’t know why that has to mean an annulment if they are committed to the relationship, but at their age, that is probably the best decision.

The romantic relationships weren’t the only ones with drama. Coop (Bre-Z) had to find out from Spencer (Daniel Ezra) that Preach (Kareem J. Grimes) has a daughter, that’s if she’s really his. Mo (Erica Peeples) is planning something shady for Coop’s concert. It’s got me very worried. She’s planning on destroying her entire career, I’m sure, and that might only be part of it. This finale is going to be pretty intense.

Coop is now Auntie Coop! (The CW)

I loved when Preach introduced Coop to his daughter and called her Auntie Coop. I love this friendship. I just wish Mo wasn’t in the middle of it trying to tear them apart.

While we might have thought that Mo was cool for two seconds, we never doubted that Carrie (Anna Lore) was shady. It turns out she lied to Layla and said her parents kicked her out, but she had run away and is just not well.

Layla is learning the truth about her friend Carrie. (The CW)

This storyline is definitely like Beverly Hills 90210 with Tara and Kelly. I’m glad that Layla knows the truth but nervous about what Carrie could do to Layla. Tara tried to kill Kelly and herself. Not sure what the writers have in store for us for this one.

What has you more concerned about going into the finale — who will win the state championships, Layla and Carrie or what Mo has planned for Coop? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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