‘Superman & Lois’: A Little Normal For Smallville Before the Storm

Superman & Lois may be a superhero show, but as I’ve said before, it’s also a family show. So, after the intensity of the last episodes, a little breather was called for. But there was still a lot of drama, just not life and death, mostly. 

The twins got to be teenagers for once. And while their parents didn’t like them playing hooky, I was down for this normal storyline.

Superman is having to confront his full capabilities. (Bettina Strauss/The CW )

Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Sarah (Inde Navarrette) finally got their moment! It was so cute. Jordan told her exactly how he feels, and they got to kiss on a pretty bridge. It was so romantic. But then they were arrested? I’m unclear why. You can’t get arrested for skipping school, can you? That would be new. Sarah has been there before, so it can’t be private property, can it? They got off with a warning, but we never found out what exactly they were arrested for.

Jonathan’s (Jordan Elsass) experience skipping school was a little different. A junior was noticing him, so of course, he had to follow her. But, unfortunately, she just wanted information, and because Jon’s grandpa is head of DOD, she thought she could weasel everything out of him. But nope, our Jon is too strong and too smart for that. So he walked away when he figured out she wanted something from him and not him.

Their parents’ drama this episode was a little more superhero-related. Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) told Sam (Dylan Walsh) that he wanted to keep the kryptonite weapons around just in case he was compromised again. Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) was not having it.

Bitsie Tulloch once again does an incredible job. (Bettina Strauss/The CW )

She burst into their house ready to put her husband straight and told Jonathan she would deal with him later. She was just learning her son had skipped school. Jonathan stands at the edge of the stairs listening to his mother yelling at his father, and she tells him to go upstairs without even turning around! Who says Lois doesn’t have superpowers. Not only does she have investigative journalist powers, but she also has her super-wife and mom powers. Lois appears to wears the pants in this family.

Then the phone rings and she finds out her other son was arrested. Not the day to add more to Lois’s plate. Bitsie is just incredible in these scenes. She’s super scary, but you also know it’s coming from a place of love.

After she gets her son, she can finally have a conversation with Clark. I talk about Lois all the time, but Tyler is quite impressive too. The way he describes how good it felt to let go after he’s been controlling his powers for almost 40 years, you get it. That’s a long time of holding back. But Lois reminded him that his heart is stronger than his brain. 

It was such a beautiful scene. Lois starts mad, rightfully so, but they really talk when they sit down to talk. We could all take a lesson from them.

The Cushing family is having to stand up for themselves. (Bettina Strauss/The CW)

The Cushing family is still getting ridiculed. But Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) stood up to the Mayor. It was amazing. None of them want to admit that they were wrong, too, as Lois said. I’m glad Lana is standing up for herself and her family. It’s not right what they are doing to them.

The town may have thought they’d seen the last of Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner), but I knew that wasn’t the end for him. He’s too big of a villain, and with two episodes left, we weren’t going to get a new big bad.

Tal-Rho has not finished his mission of bringing his people back. And the writers are leaving us as he’s taking in the power of the sun. This can’t be good. And we’ll have to wait until August 10 to find out what his next move is.

What do you think Edge’s plan B is? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below. 

Mandy Carr

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