‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1 Ends in Epic Fashion

Superman & Lois delivered with a heartwrenching, intense and exciting season finale! However, I hate that we have to wait until next year for season two. I need more of these characters we love.

Lois and Superman work together to find Jordan. (Bettina Strauss/The CW)

With Jordan (Alex Garfin) missing and the town of Smallville under siege, there was so much going on. Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) couldn’t find Jordan. He searched the world 10 times over. Then, he just floated in the air and screamed Jordan’s name so the entire world could hear. Jordan heard him and screamed, dad! That’s all it took to get through to his son. It was such a powerful moment. Superman is used to saving the day, but you could tell he was defeated by the look on his face. That’s not an emotion that Superman has very often.

Saving Smallville and his son became all too much for him. Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) told Clark Kent he had to let them help him. She’s such a strong woman. Her son is missing with a powerful Kryptonian, and she’s still able to see clearly that they can do this together.

Lois went into Jordan’s mind to save him, and when she couldn’t find him, she did the same as her husband, screamed his name. Finally, she was able to find him and tell him how strong he is.

Jonathan helped save his brother. (Bettina Strauss/The CW)

It was only partly Lois that brought Jordan back, though. Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) played a big part too. First, he had to shoot his brother with that big gun. He didn’t even hesitate. But that wasn’t enough to take him down, and all of a sudden, Jon’s being choked in the air. That was an intense scene. I was hoping Jon’s powers would kick in, but it was a simple “I love you” that broke through as Jordan’s memories were running through his mind. Just incredible.

The Kents were not the only ones with beautiful family moments. The Cushings had a share of their own.

They chose to stay and help their town. Kyle (Erik Valdez) ran into a burning building without his equipment to save a fellow townsperson. I love that even when the town has cast them out, they are still there to help pick up the pieces. Thankfully, the town forgave them, and they don’t have to leave! I love Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui). She’s another badass woman on this show. We can’t lose her. And Kyle has been redeemed for how horrible he was before. He’s learned his lesson, and he’s become a better person.

We have come full circle. First, we started at a BBQ with him, and now he’s back barbecuing, but now we like him.

The Cushings have a BBQ to celebrate that Smallville suervied. (Bettina Strauss/The CW)

And the Cushings staying mean Sarah (Inde Navarrette) and Jordan get to be together. We got a sweet moment with them when she told him that she loved him too. I definitely want to see more of this next season.

We may get to see more of Jon with Tegan (Kayla Heller) too. He was looking over at her when he was playing video games with his football friends. I like seeing them be normal teenagers, not just Jon returning all the weapons he “borrowed” from John Henry Irons (Wolé Parks). Though, I do love those moments just as much. Give me them all!

We also got an epic battle scene through all these incredible family moments. Superman and John took on Mordan Edge’s (Adam Rayner) army. John had to be very precise in hitting Edge with his hammer. He had to go all the way to space to get enough force. I thought we were going to lose him. He’s falling back into the atmosphere, thinking about his daughter. Then, Superman comes and catches him. Of course, he was going to rescue him. Not that I had any doubt in Superman, it was more that I was so involved in the scene.

The Superman & Lois writers, with the incredible actors, can truly draw you into a scene. You feel everything, and you’re in for the ride, no matter where it goes.

The cliffhanger wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I would have thought it would be a new villain, but it was John’s daughter landing in a pod. I’m so thrilled that he gets his daughter back, but Lois looks so hurt. She never recovered from her miscarriage of a daughter with the same name. When Lois revealed that had happened, Lois had so much grief. It looks like we will tap into that more in the next season. I’m here for this because Bitsie is so great at these emotional scenes.

What an incredible season one. I can’t wait until season two.

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Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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